How To Find Featured Snippet Opportunities With Ahrefs

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  1. Open Ahrefs Platform: Log in and navigate to the “Organic Keywords” report.
  2. Filter by Position: Set the position filter to show results from 2 to 10 and click “Apply”.
  3. Filter by Search Features: Go to the search features filter, select “Featured Snippet”, and click “Apply”.
  4. Show Results: Click the “Show results” button to view the filtered opportunities.
  5. Identify Opportunities: Look for keywords where you rank on the first page, there is a featured snippet available, but your site does not currently hold it.
  6. Example Search: For example, search for “facebook post size” or “transaction email” to see if there are featured snippets available that your site can optimize for.
  7. Optimize Content: Focus on improving content for these identified opportunities to increase the chances of obtaining the featured snippet.


Hi, I’m Chris Long with Go Fish Digital, and welcome to another episode of “60 Second SEO”.

Today, we’re going to talk about how you can easily find featured snippet opportunities by using the Ahrefs platform.

Let’s say we’re Constant Contact and we just want to find some really quick win opportunities for our site. We want to find opportunities where it’s going to be easy for us to optimize for the featured snippet.

So what we can do is we can use Ahrefs here. I’m in their “Organic Keywords” report, and then what I’m going to do is just find queries where they rank on the first page, where there’s a featured snippet available, but they don’t have it.

So here I’m going to go into “Position”. So I do two through ten, click “Apply”, I can go here to search features, and I can go to “Featured Snippet”. Go down here, click “Apply”, and then I can click this “Show results” button.

And this is going to filter down to where there are featured snippet opportunities that they’re not getting, but they’re on the first page.

So if I search for “facebook post size”, I can see a featured snippet. A table is appearing here. They don’t get it. They’re a little bit lower down the first page here. That could be a great opportunity.

Maybe I search for “transaction email”. Once again, there’s a featured snippet appearing here that MailChimp is getting. When I look, they’re a little bit further down the page. Maybe they could optimize there.

So really taking a look at opportunities where you’re ranking on the first page, there’s a featured snippet appearing, but you aren’t the one grabbing it. These are really great opportunities to try and go grab that featured snippet.

And using Ahrefs is a phenomenal way to really identify some of those quick win opportunities for your business.

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Join thousands of marketers to get the best search news in under 5 minutes. Get resources, tips and more with The Splash newsletter: