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New Google Freshness-Based Ranking Patent

Posted @ Nov 20 2015 by Bill Slawski

Rankings for pages in search results might be boosted or demoted based upon a decision by Google as to how “fresh seeking” the query is and how “fresh” the resource that might be pointed to is. Freshness-Based Ranking A patent granted this week for Google discusses the concept of “Freshness Based Ranking” and is named […]

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Investigating Google RankBrain and Query Term Substitutions

Posted @ Oct 26 2015 by Bill Slawski

Introducing Google’s RankBrain A Google patent granted in August looks at how google might replace terms within queries, and I have some examples of how it rewrites some queries below. It’s part of my investigation into Google’s newly announced RankBrain Deep Learning method. The RankBrain method was described in the Bloomberg news article published today, […]

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Yahoo! Assigns 11 patents to SnapChat

Posted @ Oct 19 2015 by Bill Slawski

In an assignment dated September 23, 2015, Yahoo! assigned 11 patents to ShapChat, which were recorded at the USPTO on October 8, 2015. The USPTO assignment database has no financial details behind the assignmnent, but I’ve included links to the patents, their titles, and their abstracts below. Interestingly, one of the patents in the transaction […]

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Go Fish Digital Wins 2 Industry Awards in 2 Weeks!

Posted @ Oct 09 2015 by Kat Haselkorn

The Go Fish Digital team is thrilled to announce that we recently won two competitive industry awards for search engine optimization work with Reston Limousine. Last week, partner Mike Moriarty accepted a Landy Award at SMX East in New York City for Best SEO Campaign in the Small Business category. This week, Bill Slawski was onsite at PubCon in […]

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Peeple Wants to be Yelp, But for Humans

Posted @ Oct 05 2015 by Kat Haselkorn

At Go Fish Digital, we do a lot of Yelp improvement work. It’s not uncommon to get calls from business owners in tears over negative Yelp reviews – but all hope is not lost! We have several effective processes that can help Yelp businesses boost their star ratings so they better tell the full story. […]

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Ranking Pages at An Apple Search Engine?

Posted @ Sep 16 2015 by Bill Slawski

More Signs of Search After Applebot Back in May, I wrote the post Here Comes Applebot: The Start of Apple Web Search? where I talked about Apple’s Web crawling search robot and their acquisition of Topsy, and the patents that came with the purchase of that company. A couple more of the patent applications assigned […]

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How Google May Identify Good Query Suggestions from Overlapping Queries

Posted @ Sep 04 2015 by Bill Slawski

When someone performs searches for a particular topic, they may use many query terms to try to find the information they are looking for, and may receive a lot of the same pages in the results in response to those, returned to them. A Google patent granted this week, may look at the results of […]

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How “Drafting” Off Of Mozinars Can Help Build Your Personal Brand

Posted @ Aug 11 2015 by Kat Haselkorn

As the New Media Manager with Go Fish Digital, my day-to-day responsibilities include managing the brand presence for organizations across the web. While it’s great to help your clients carve out space for themselves on social media and become more vocal online, it’s important not to forget about your own personal brand. I humbly started with the basics, just like everyone […]

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How Google Might Recommend TV Shows Based upon Web Popularity

Posted @ Aug 07 2015 by Bill Slawski

A Google patent granted this week explores how Google might recommend TV shows using Web-popularity signals. The problem this patent attempts to solve is that it can take a lot of money and time to collect comprehensive data about the popularity of shows on TV, and there’s an overwhelming amount of content that could be […]

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Could Cecil the Lion’s killer ever recover on Yelp?

Posted @ Jul 29 2015 by Connor Jones

After news broke that the beloved Lion Cecil was killed by Minnesota Dentist Walter Palmer, internet users banded together to express their outrage in the most vindictive way they could—by leaving negative reviews on his Yelp page. Before yesterday, the small dental practice only had five reviews on Yelp. Since three of them were five-star reviews, the […]

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