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Bing’s Satori Associates Authoritative images of People Entities in Snapshot Panels

Posted @ Mar 16 2015 by Bill Slawski

One of the biggest changes in SEO this year has been the evolution of search results; rich snippets, structured snippets, & direct answers. We’ve been keeping an eye on how Google and Bing are keeping up with each other in making changes to their search results. Google has the knowledge panel next to search results […]

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The Hardest SEO Quiz You’ll Ever Take

Posted @ Feb 26 2015 by Bill Slawski

In my nineteen years of working in search marketing, I’ve learned some things. The days of spam are gone. Now, you need to really know current methods of search optimization to get results. I designed this quiz to test how up-to-date your SEO knowledge is. Take it to see how you stack up. After you […]

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Photo via Flickr user cambodia4kidsorg

3 Weird Questions You Should Ask in Meetings

Posted @ Feb 19 2015 by Daniel Russell

Meetings are legendarily dull. And the situation only seems to compound itself when organizations make their MO: We will continue having meetings until we find out why no work is getting done. But meetings exist for a reason and when done right, they can be extremely productive. Here are three out-of-the-ordinary questions with purpose that will […]

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These song results are interactive, and clicking upon one song gives me a video of that song in this instance.

How Google Creates Episodes and Songs Results by Extracting Structured Metadata

Posted @ Feb 12 2015 by Bill Slawski

Sometimes certain searches at Google trigger rich search results. We like to try to get an idea of how those types of results come about, and why. That’s one of the reasons why I like looking through Google patents, to see if I can find explanations for features we see at Google. A patent granted […]

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query involving shakespeare

Suddenly, the Query’s the Thing at Google

Posted @ Feb 01 2015 by Bill Slawski

In my last post here, I wrote about a Google patent that described how Google might return an answer box result for a query involving music. In those searches, the inclusion in the query of the name of a song, and a word such as “lyrics” might cause Google to display song lyrics. That triggering […]

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The knowledge panel for Usher that Google shows does provide a way for Google to make money from the display.

Music, Lyrics, Ads, and Answer Boxes at Google

Posted @ Jan 14 2015 by Bill Slawski

We’ve been watching how Google responds to queries with specialized search results after seeing how Google handles some queries by presenting Rich Snippets. So when we see something like a patent from Google come out that involves specially formatted query results, we pay attention. Part of the reason why has to do with the observations […]

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7 Lessons Learned from MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit Conference #MPSIS

Posted @ Dec 16 2014 by Brian Patterson

Last week, at the encouragement of a client, I attended my first Search Insider Summits in Deer Valley, Utah.  This was a new conference for me, as I’ve traditionally attended larger conferences like Pubcon, SMX, and Digital East.  But…  none of those conferences had snowmobiling! SIS offered up amazing meals and accommodations, the content was top-notch, and the featured thought leaders […]

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7 Content Starting Points to Undo Writer’s Block

Posted @ Nov 18 2014 by Kat Haselkorn

Writing copy – for SEO purposes or for more traditional media outlets – can be difficult. Even those people who “have a way with words” can struggle to get the right ones out onto a blank page. While it’s fun to write about a variety of topics, it’s also easy to become paralyzed with writer’s […]

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The process used by a robot to learn to grasp objects.

Google’s Web of Semantic Robots

Posted @ Nov 02 2014 by Bill Slawski

The Internet of Things As digital marketers, we try to follow news of companies such as Google and their changes. We also like to keep an eye on their press releases and official announcements, and sources such as their patent filings to get a sense of where they may be going in long run and […]

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5 Simple Takeaways from Pubcon 2014

Posted @ Oct 10 2014 by Kat Haselkorn

To many in the industry, Pubcon is the online marketing conference to attend. Known for expert keynote speakers, entertaining networking events, and its prime Vegas location, attendance at Pubcon this year exceeded 1,500 SEOs and online marketers. To kick things off, the founder of the conference, Brett Tabke, reminded attendees that what started as a […]

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