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How to Create a Knowledge Panel for Your Organization

Posted @ Feb 11 2016 by Daniel Russell

Google first introduced the knowledge panel (“KP”) in 2012, and it has graced the top of Google’s search results ever since.  The KP pulls in key facts, pictures, reviews, and even social profiles related to your search query.  It’s essentially Google’s way of trying to get you to the information you’re looking for faster, with […]

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Game: SEO Kingdom

Posted @ Feb 05 2016 by Connor Jones

SEO is way past the days of footers, directory submissions, and cookie-cutter guest blog posts. Today, SEO is harder, more contextual, and less predictable. It can seem like you’re wandering around in a dark cave, with a few trusted tools at your disposal. That’s why we made this game: SEO Kingdom. There are three playable […]

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How Google May Perform Entity Recognition

Posted @ Feb 04 2016 by Bill Slawski

Google replaced its head of search, Amit Singhal this week, with someone whom came to Google when the company acquired Metaweb. The person who founded Metaweb, John Giannandrea, has been a vice-president at Google, in charge of Google’s AI efforts, and will be taking over as head of search at Google. Metaweb is the company […]

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Content Marketing Strategy – A Labor of Love

Posted @ Jan 27 2016 by Mia Ficken

  I love content. I devour it. As a soon-to-be first time mom, I am on the never-ending quest for all things pregnancy, labor and delivery, and more importantly, baby. It’s overwhelming, but the truth is, I feel more prepared than I thought I would be (pending baby’s actual arrival) because there is so much […]

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Why are Google In-Depth Articles Missing?

Posted @ Jan 20 2016 by Bill Slawski

In August of 2013, Google introduced a search feature they called In-Depth articles, writing about them in Google’s Inside Search blog, in a post titled Discover great in-depth articles on Google. This addition to the search results is a dedicated block that highlights one or a few articles that go deeper on a specific topic. I was searching through Google’s […]

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Local Automotive SEO

10 Strategies for Local Automotive SEO

Posted @ Jan 14 2016 by Mia Ficken

Even though standard advertising channels persist in the Internet age, digital marketing is rapidly growing as brands recognize the ease in which they can reach their audience. Car dealerships can’t rely solely on the old standbys of 30-second TV spots, 60-second radio, and weekend print ads anymore. As consumer shopping habits continue to evolve and […]

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Entity triggering query

Classifying Queries as Entity Triggering Queries or Description Triggering Queries

Posted @ Jan 08 2016 by Bill Slawski

When Google answers queries from searchers, it may first classify the queries it responds to when trying to give a searcher the best response that it can. A patent granted to Google this week describes how that classification process might work by telling us about two different types of classifications that the search engine might […]

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Alexander Graham Bell facing his wife, Mabel Hubbard Gardiner Bell, who is standing in a tetrahedral kite, Baddeck, Nova Scotia (Library of Congress)

Google acquires Wireless Patents from Alcatel-Lucent

Posted @ Dec 29 2015 by Bill Slawski

One of the World’s most famous technology laboratories is Bell Labs, started by Alexander Graham Bell, and owned most recently by Alcatel-Lucent. They state on the Alcatel-Lucent website their belief in having a strong patent portfolio that shows off the technology they have researched and led others in. It’s worth looking closer at some of […]

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focus on high-value marketing content

How to Build your Digital Presence from Scratch

Posted @ Dec 15 2015 by Daniel Russell

One of the first full-blown marketing efforts I directed was for an online software called Attentiv.  Attentiv confronted the same obstacles that most startups and small businesses face.  No one’s heard of you yet, there’s no brand equity or goodwill to leverage, and your website doesn’t show up in Google for any keywords.  Essentially, Attentiv […]

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How to Change Your Location for Local Search Results – The Always Up-To-Date Guide

Posted @ Dec 07 2015 by Dan Hinckley

Over the years, Google has improved it’s algorithm to include search results that take into account the geographic location of the user performing a search query.   This powerful aspect of the search engine ensures that when someone in Miami, Florida searches for a “Pizza Restaurant”, the results Google returns show options for pizza restaurants in […]

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