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Online Reputation Management

You only get one chance to make a first impression… A low star rating or a negative article in Google is often the difference between gaining new customers or losing them to a competitor.

  1. Clean Up Your Search Engine Results
  2. Google Autocomplete Improvement
  3. Wikipedia Management


Solutions for:

Some of the common online reputation management problems we have solved for companies and individuals include:

Negative News Articles ranking for a brand or person’s name

Negative Yelp or Google Reviews

Overcoming Rip Off Report, ComplaintsBoards.com, Scam.com and other negative review/complaint websites

Lawsuits, DUI’s, Bankruptcy and other negative events appearing in Google Autocomplete and Google search results

Negative Blogs created by former customers or employees.

Our Process

We offer SEO, Online Public Relations, Social Media, Website Design and Development, Software Development and Online Advertising. All of these skills come together for a successful reputation management campaign. They allow us to monitor and repair the variety of online channels and properties used to promote your business and show your online credibility.

Identify Content

At Go Fish Digital, we will inventory all existing content on the web about you or your brand.  We identify all negative pieces that could damage your reputation, not only those results on the first page of Google; this includes blogs, websites, review sites, comments, forums, images, and videos. Simultaneously, we locate your positive content which we leverage in the promotion process.

Content Promotion

Using our SEO expertise, we increase visibility of positive content driving negative press down the search results. This also results in longterm stability and the ability to control the conversation around your name.

Content Creation

In addition to increasing visibility of the existing positive content for your brand, Go Fish Digital’s in-house copywriting and design team work to build positive brand recognition. We utilize traditional PR tactics along with the latest digital marketing strategies to control information about you on the web.

Who We Work With:

Our reputation management clients range from mothers to doctors, teachers to Fortune 500 CEO’s, and everything in between. We partner with numerous small businesses and some of the nation’s most recognized brands.

To date, we are proud of our 100% success rate for all online reputation management clients.