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A group of employees having a meeting

Why Is SEO Important for Your Business?

Almost every business relies in some way on their website and other online presences to connect...
The 10 Best Shopify SEO Apps & Tools 2021

The 10 Best Shopify SEO Apps & Tools 2022

At Go Fish Digital, we work with a lot of Shopify clients and have developed our...
Shopify Robots.txt Guide: How To Create & Edit The Robots.txt.liquid

Shopify Robots.txt Guide: How To Edit The Robots.txt.liquid

If you’re working on an eCommerce site, the robots.txt file is one of the biggest foundational...
Top;icality scores

Topicality Scores, Social Scores and User-Generated Content At Google

Just What is a Topicality Score? Topicality Scores give you an idea of what content on...
A smiling woman writes in a notebook and works on a computer

Crawl Depth: Audit & Optimization Guide

What Is Crawl Depth? Crawl depth, or click depth, refers to the number of links that...
editing natural language queries

Processing and Editing Natural Language Queries

A newly granted Google patent has come out about processing and editing natural language queries. As...
document processing

Document Processing Using Structured Key-Value Pairs

Why Key-Value Pairs in this document processing system? Writing this post reminded me of a 2007...
Happy young businesswoman sitting at table in cafe with tabletop computer.

5 Tips to Level Up Your SEO and User Experience Together

When you’re working to get your website in the top Google results, you want your audience...
Portrait Of A Pretty Smiling Woman Using Mobile Phone

Determining Dialog States For Language Models Updated

The First Claims of Determining Dialog States For Language Models   Chances are that you have...
10 Strategies for Local Automotive SEO

10+ Strategies for Automotive SEO

At Go Fish Digital, we've noticed some interesting trends after working with several dealerships. Even though...