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editing natural language queries

Processing and Editing Natural Language Queries

A newly granted Google patent has come out about processing and editing natural language queries. As...
document processing

Document Processing Using Structured Key-Value Pairs

Why Key-Value Pairs in this document processing system? Writing this post reminded me of a 2007...
Happy young businesswoman sitting at table in cafe with tabletop computer.

5 Tips to Level Up Your SEO and User Experience Together

When you’re working to get your website in the top Google results, you want your audience...
Portrait Of A Pretty Smiling Woman Using Mobile Phone

Determining Dialog States For Language Models Updated

The First Claims of Determining Dialog States For Language Models   Chances are that you have...
accurate location information

Accurate Establishment Locations in Google

Placing Accurate Establishment Locations Establishments, such as restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, and other businesses, are...
five people working together on a project using sticky notes on a table

How to Use Interactive Content and Improve SEO

Have you ever visited a website’s landing page and felt so underwhelmed with the content that...
modified search queries

Modified Search Queries

Modified Search Queries Based on Misspellings and Synonyms This patent is about ranking modifications of a...
Google MUM Featured Image

Google Mum Update

More About Google Mum Google was granted a patent on using Google MUM to answer questions...
illustration of a woman asking "ok google, show me the carlsbad beach news"

Clustered News Results at Google

Limitations of News Results A searcher may search for news about a particular topic, story, or...
Enhancing Sitelinks With Creative Content

Enhancing Sitelinks With Creative Content

Enhancing Sitelinks Patent is About Adding Relevant Text to Sitelinks I have written about Google sitelinks...