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How Google may Create a Reputation Score for People Based Upon User interactions

Posted @ Jul 24 2015 by Bill Slawski

One of the things I was hoping to see with Google’s Social Network, Google+, was Google using reputation scores to rank content from users of the social network system. In the past, I wrote about Google’s Agent Rank, which was originally introduced in a patent application from Google back in 2007. People have been discussing […]

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How Google May find Answerbox Results that Answer Entity Triggering Questions

Posted @ Jul 17 2015 by Bill Slawski

We learned last month that Google’s name for Answer Box results was Featured Snippets. These Direct Answer results are intended to have Google provide answers to questions from searchers, and include information about entities, such as people, businesses, geographic locations. For Google to respond to questions about entities like that, it must have appropriate information […]

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How Customized Content Might be Shown in Google Knowledge Panels

Posted @ Jul 06 2015 by Bill Slawski

A Google patent application published last month describes how the search results returned in response to a query might show a knowledge panel based upon an entity described in the query, and also may customize the content shown in that knowledge panel when returned, in a way that is based upon the interests of the […]

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New FTC Guidelines on Endorsements in Social Media

Posted @ Jun 16 2015 by Bill Slawski

When you see a recommendation made on Twitter or Pinterest for a product or a service, if the person endorsing it has a relationship of some type with the company doing the advertising of the product, there’s a requirement that the relationship driving the endorsement be disclosed. That’s true on Blogs as well. An endorsement […]

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Upside down, inside out by Anish Kapoor at Phoenix Art Museum

How Google May Identify and Rank Attributes of Entities

Posted @ Jun 07 2015 by Bill Slawski

A searcher looking for answers to meet informational or situation need of theirs may enter a query into a search engine. That query may often be about one entity, and it may be different for different types of entities. A search engine may analyze queries submitted to it, and process them in order to understand […]

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The Google real time result process

Google Gets Real Time Search Results Patent

Posted @ May 28 2015 by Bill Slawski

Google has partnered with Twitter to bring back real time search results, to Google, with tweets from Twitter’s Fire-hose of data. Interestingly, a Google patent was granted this week at the US Patent and Trademark Office on Real Time Search Results. It specifically refers to Status Updates of the type generated in Tweets from Twitter […]

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Ho Hey SEO Song

Posted @ May 15 2015 by admin

We’re never ones to stay quiet about our incredibly nerdy love of SEO, so our New Media Manager, Kat Haselkorn, decided to write and perform a song about the industry. If you know the song “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers (or this awesome cover by Lennon and Maisy) you’ll recognize the tune. Shout out to some […]

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Here Comes Applebot: The Start of Apple Web Search?

Posted @ May 11 2015 by Bill Slawski

A few days ago, Search Engine Land reported that Apple Confirms Their Web Crawler: Applebot in which Apple admitted that the web crawling program was being used to help with products such as Siri and Spotlight Suggestions, and Apple pointed Search Engine Land to an Apple Support help page for Applebot. Appleinsider followed up reporting […]

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Screenshot from patent

Google May Generate Direct Answers to Fill Gaps in Information from within its Knowledge Graph

Posted @ Apr 29 2015 by Bill Slawski

How does Information in Google’s Knowledge Graph get updated? One method has involved user input such as people adding to sources of knowledge bases that get used to add to knowledge graph information, such as Wikipedia, Google Local Business profiles, WikiData, and formerly Google’s Freebase (which has closed down). A Google patent application published on […]

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Bing Wants Mobile Friendly Websites Using Semantic Zoom

Posted @ Apr 13 2015 by Bill Slawski

There has been a lot of buzz in the SEO community about Google releasing an update that might cause sites that aren’t mobile friendly to not rank well against sites that are. You can test your site with Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Page. Another way you can tell if Google thinks your site is mobile […]

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