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How Google May Answer Better Questions by Rewriting Questions

Posted @ Apr 24 2020 by

A task Google has set out to do recently is to respond to answer-seeking queries as I wrote about...

Six Head-Turning Visual Data Formats For Content Marketing

Posted @ Apr 23 2020 by

Intro In 2020, 70% of marketers are now actively investing in content marketing, which means a mass proliferation of...

A Guide To Shopify Sitemaps

Posted @ Apr 21 2020 by

  There are a lot of elements that can impact your Shopify site’s SEO. One of these elements is...

Pitching During a Pandemic

Posted @ Apr 17 2020 by

An overview of media relations and how COVID-19 is affecting my approach to digital PR strategy.  Picture this: freelancers...

Google Returning Video Search Results Using Machine Learning?

Posted @ Apr 14 2020 by

Problems with Video Search Results An area causing problems for searchers is when they may be looking for a...

How to Align SEO with Brand Strategies…and Win Over Your Brand Team in the Process

Posted @ Apr 09 2020 by

Picture this: you, an SEO professional, have had a eureka moment and have found a golden opportunity to implement...

The Top Ten Chrome Extensions According to an SEO

Posted @ Apr 06 2020 by

As an SEO, Google Chrome is the browser I utilize the most. Not only does it work well, but...

5 Ways to Keep Your Content Strategy Flexible for a Changing Media Landscape

Posted @ Apr 03 2020 by

As content marketers, we know firsthand how important it is to possess a certain level of flexibility to remain...

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