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The Art of the “No” 101: Dealing With Rejection From Editors, Publishers, and More

Posted @ Jun 24 2019 by

How persistence is necessary for getting your content out there If you’re like the rest of us (and let’s...

3 Principles of Influencer Marketing Every Organization Should Follow

Posted @ Jun 20 2019 by

At Go Fish Digital, our team is made up of professionals whose interest in digital marketing goes beyond the...

Question Answering Explaining Estimates of Missing Facts

Posted @ Jun 18 2019 by

Will Google Start Explaining Estimates in Search Results? We’ve been seeing an increase in the number of answers that...

5 Lessons from Working in News That Make Me a Better Marketer

Posted @ Jun 10 2019 by

If you’re looking to change your career path and transition from one industry to another, it might seem a...

Google Media Consumption History Tracking

Posted @ Jun 06 2019 by

If you use Google Maps for navigation, Google may track a mobile location history for you about the places...

Semantic Frames and Word Embeddings at Google

Posted @ May 28 2019 by

Using Semantic Frames to Add Context to Word Embeddings Word Embeddings are a way for Google to look at...

No One’s Greatest Weakness Is “Caring Too Much”

Posted @ May 24 2019 by

Our hiring process at Go Fish Digital is something we’ve always been careful about. We’re not snobs, but we...

A Designer’s 5 Basic Tips to Improving your PowerPoint Slides

Posted @ May 22 2019 by

I have been asked a lot lately to help improve slide deck designs for my coworkers and even by...

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