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Contextual Knowledge Panels at Google

Posted @ Sep 09 2019 by

Just What is a Contextual Knowledge Panel? SEO doesn’t come with an instruction manual – it would be easier...

Expanding Our Knowledge Outside of the Office: Go Fish Digital Book Recommendations

Posted @ Sep 06 2019 by

Inspiration can come from the strangest of places. I’ve had creative breakthroughs while at the gym, walking down the...

5 Ways You Can Prepare for a Digital Marketing Career as an Undergrad

Posted @ Aug 30 2019 by

If you’re reading this, you’re probably an enthusiastic undergraduate student wondering how you can start your career in digital...

How Google May Do Query Rewriting by Looking at a Searcher’s Prior Queries

Posted @ Aug 23 2019 by

How Many People does Mudville Stadium (where Mighty Casey Struck Out) hold? Google was granted a new patent involving...

How Google May Interpret An Ambiguous Query Using a Semantic Interpretation

Posted @ Aug 14 2019 by

Ambiguous Queries and Semantic Interpretations When someone asks an ambiguous query at Google, how does it go about responding...

When to Respond to Online Reviews (And How)

Posted @ Aug 08 2019 by

If you’ve found your way over to this post, you probably already know the importance of online reviews. A...

Quality Visit Scores to Businesses May Influence Rankings in Google Local Search

Posted @ Aug 01 2019 by

You can learn a lot on the Web about businesses, such as the addresses of those businesses, categories related...

7 Quick and Easy Tips for Applying to Internships

Posted @ Jul 30 2019 by

Internships, especially at the college level, can be cutthroat. It’s estimated that 75% of applicants never hear back from...

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