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The Best Social Media Platform For Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Posted @ Mar 02 2021 by

With new social media platforms growing in popularity and new creator tools emerging every day, there has never been...

SEO Turns to Data Graphs to Learn About the Web

Posted @ Feb 22 2021 by

The Web as Data Graphs is a New Direction for SEO Many of the articles that people writing about...

Identifying and Addressing Drops in Organic Visibility

Posted @ Feb 15 2021 by

Working in digital marketing and, in particular, SEO comes with its own unique set of challenges. Client relationships, shifts...

User-Generated Content and Machine Learning at Google

Posted @ Feb 09 2021 by

Is Google the New Home for Machine Learning on the Web? I recently wrote about a patent from Google...

How to Fix Shopify Duplicate Content

Posted @ Feb 05 2021 by

The Shopify platform is becoming increasingly popular among eCommerce providers. As more and more brands shift to doing business...

How Digital Marketing Project Managers Can Better Serve Their Clients

Posted @ Jan 12 2021 by

As someone who has been in a client-facing role for over half a decade, I have had the pleasure...

Personalized Ranking of Search Results at Google

Posted @ Dec 01 2020 by

How are Personalized Ranking of Search Results Calculated at Google? I wrote about an earlier version of this patent...

4 Reasons Why Your Link Building Campaign Isn’t Building Backlinks

Posted @ Nov 20 2020 by

Creative campaigns with a link building component are an investment, both in time and money.  So, imagine this scenario… ...

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