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Word Sense Disambiguation Using Neural Networks

Posted @ Jun 01 2020 by

Word Sense Disambiguation Helps Google Understand the Meaning of a Word on a Page About 40% of English words...

A Native Application Vertical Search Engine at Google

Posted @ May 19 2020 by

Google was granted a patent last week that is about a search engine that can do keyword searches (or...

Here’s Why You Should Handoff Your Pitch to Another Team Member

Posted @ May 12 2020 by

In a recent blog post, I briefly covered a strategy the content promotion team here at Go Fish Digital...

8 Common Questions About Link Building Answered

Posted @ May 08 2020 by

When they hear the term link building, many digital marketers think of tactics like blogger outreach and unlinked mention...

Offensive Content Classification at Google

Posted @ May 06 2020 by

Sometimes Some Words May Be Offensive or Non-Offensive Based on How They Are Used In some parts of the...

A Digital PR’s Guide to Using Google Alerts

Posted @ May 05 2020 by

Digital marketers are able to track an insane amount of keywords, mentions, rankings, and more with tools like MozBar,...

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Clear Communication is More Important Than Ever

Posted @ Apr 27 2020 by

The COVID-19 pandemic is dominating the news and occupying the minds of everyone around the globe. It’s impossible to...

Building Your Own Link Profile Based on Google’s Data

Posted @ Apr 25 2020 by

Go Fish Digital is excited to share a post from guest author Kamil Guzdek. Kamil is an SEO expert...

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