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A Designer’s Top 7 Favorite Google Fonts

Posted @ Oct 19 2018 by

These are my 7 favorite and most-used typefaces from Google Fonts (Google Fonts is a library of 100% free...

How To Avoid Influencer Marketing Failure with the Perfect Campaign Brief

Posted @ Oct 11 2018 by

You’ve finally done it: you’ve convinced your boss that influencer marketing is an important part of your company’s marketing...

Google Safe Search Results Patent and Reranking or Removing Results

Posted @ Oct 10 2018 by

How does Google Use a Safe Search Results Filter to Handle Inappropriate, Sensitive, or Offensive Search Results? One of...

How Project Managers Can Avoid Burnout at Work

Posted @ Oct 05 2018 by

Last month, I had the privilege of attending Bureau of Digital’s Digital PM Summit, a conference devoted entirely to...

Code Example – How we Transform Log Files to Improve SEO Rankings

Posted @ Oct 02 2018 by

As part of our SEO services at Go Fish Digital, we often help our clients collect and analyze their...

An SEO’s Guide to Writing Structured Data (JSON-LD)

Posted @ Sep 26 2018 by

The Schema.org vocabulary is the ultimate collab. Thanks to a mutual handshake between Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex, we...

How Rich Results May be Chosen and Created

Posted @ Sep 25 2018 by

A History of Google Indexing Books In the post Google’s First Semantic Search Invention was Patented in 1999, I...

Local Link Building with Python and the Places API

Posted @ Sep 21 2018 by

The Value of Local Links Among SEO strategies, link building is arguably the one that has seen the most...

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