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Question Answering Explaining Estimates of Missing Facts

Posted @ Jun 18 2019 by

Will Google Start Explaining Estimates in Search Results? We’ve been seeing an increase in the number of answers that...

5 Lessons from Working in News That Make Me a Better Marketer

Posted @ Jun 10 2019 by

If you’re looking to change your career path and transition from one industry to another, it might seem a...

Google Media Consumption History Tracking

Posted @ Jun 06 2019 by

If you use Google Maps for navigation, Google may track a mobile location history for you about the places...

Semantic Frames and Word Embeddings at Google

Posted @ May 28 2019 by

Using Semantic Frames to Add Context to Word Embeddings Word Embeddings are a way for Google to look at...

No One’s Greatest Weakness Is “Caring Too Much”

Posted @ May 24 2019 by

Our hiring process at Go Fish Digital is something we’ve always been careful about. We’re not snobs, but we...

A Designer’s 5 Basic Tips to Improving your PowerPoint Slides

Posted @ May 22 2019 by

I have been asked a lot lately to help improve slide deck designs for my coworkers and even by...

Instagram Updates Bring Both Fear and Excitement to the Influencer Industry

Posted @ May 20 2019 by

Instagram has come a long way since launching in October 2010. A tool that used to be for amateur...

Don’t Be Afraid To Bring Your Personal Passions To Work

Posted @ May 16 2019 by

When it comes to creating content, especially content for your company or client, it can be easy to narrow...

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