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Textual Image Queries and Classification of Images at Google

Posted @ Aug 14 2020 by

Google may categorize images using object recognition to determine what to show off an image or analyze text that...

What Our Team Learns By Switching Job Roles Every Year

Posted @ Aug 13 2020 by

If you’ve ever seen The Parent Trap, you’re probably aware that switching places can be complicated and often involve...

How We Utilize Data To Improve Our Marketing Campaigns During COVID

Posted @ Aug 10 2020 by

  The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives and work of people worldwide, and the Go Fish team is...

Universal Web Design: A Guide to WCAG Compliance

Posted @ Aug 06 2020 by

Universal Design for the Web Accessibility is an extremely important yet often overlooked component of web design and development....

Youth Oriented Content Scores at Google?

Posted @ Aug 05 2020 by

Does Google Filter Search Results for Kids? In March I wrote about How an Automated Assistant May Respond to...

How To Pick Writers For Your Campaign

Posted @ Jul 28 2020 by

So, you’ve been given a new campaign and you have an opportunity to knock this project out of the...

Google Speaker Identification Vectors

Posted @ Jul 24 2020 by

What are Speaker Identification Vectors and What Are They Used for? Google was granted a patent in February of...

5 Tips for Optimizing Your PPC Campaigns During the “New Normal”

Posted @ Jul 22 2020 by

5 Tips for Optimizing Your PPC Campaigns During the “New Normal”   Since we are continuously adapting to “the...

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