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How to Develop Your Next Blockbuster Idea

Posted @ Jul 11 2018 by

One of the principal concepts our marketing team emphasizes is that no idea is a bad idea. In our...

Good PR is Crucial for Good SEO

Posted @ Jul 09 2018 by

In 2008, I was at the University of Georgia completing my undergraduate degree in Advertising. Tumblr was a relatively...

How to Create a Flat Illustration in 5 Steps

Posted @ Jul 03 2018 by

Flat illustrations are all of the rage these days, and can be a great way to display information in...

3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing Team’s Creavity

Posted @ Jun 29 2018 by

Working in a creative industry can be all fun and games until you hit the dreaded creativity wall. You...

Using the Heart Framework to Plan, Track, and Measure Goals on Your Site?

Posted @ Jun 21 2018 by

How Does Google Set Goals for Their Sites? I often write about patents or whitepapers from places such as...

Google Phrase-Based Indexing Updated

Posted @ Jun 05 2018 by

Google has updated one of their most important patents today What Phrase-Based Indexing Covers When a page covers a...

4 Research tips to help produce your best content

Posted @ May 31 2018 by

Research is an oft-overlooked component of content creation and marketing. Clickbait-style headlines and top-notch graphic design are the most...

Microsoft Patents Food Logging via Images

Posted @ May 23 2018 by

Microsoft Targets Food Logging of Nutritional Meals I’ve been trying to watch what I am eating and capture workouts...

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