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The online world is a constantly changing place. It can be overwhelming between social media, forums, blogs, news, and all the apps in between. Not to mention the constant pressure to contribute your point of view to every single popular online platform there is. 


Looking at these app usage statistics, it’s clear that the average person probably has more downloads of random apps than they can keep up with. For me, dipping my toes in many unique subject areas is fun, but most of the time, I quickly lose interest and still have those random apps downloaded on my phone or bookmarked on my laptop. A few ways to help organize your online life are to answer these two questions to help create a more straightforward experience for yourself when using the internet.

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1. Which Three Topics Interest You Most?

The rule of threes doesn’t often apply to tech, but I find that sticking to it has kept my sanity in a better place. Get in touch with yourself. Depending on the specific topics that interest you, look into the platforms that make the most sense and make them your focus areas. 


A good example being that if you love home design, use Houzz to save ideas and contribute your content. If you love all things beauty, consider downloading the Sephora or Ulta app to keep up with the latest trends and products. Some other examples might include downloading Flipboard or even Twitter if you love reading from many different news sites or Pinterest if you’re a foodie who’s looking for a new recipe.


Another way to find what makes your top three is to simply take a step back and look at which apps you utilize most frequently. You can access this data in your settings on your phone. Once you have these down, you can ask yourself the second question.


2. What Is Your Objective?

It could simply be that you use Facebook to keep in touch with family members and like to sell old items on the marketplace. It could be that you want to make a difference in that community by having your voice heard or you want to educate yourself in a specific field. It doesn’t matter what the answer is here, as long as there is one! If there’s not a reason why you have something or do something, then it’s a waste of time and space. Now you’re ready to move forward. 


Next, take action!


If we’re honest with ourselves, we’ve now looked through our phone/laptop and can identify those apps or bookmarks that don’t have a place in our lives anymore. Time to simplify! My example is deleting the MyFitness app I downloaded when I thought I would work out every day. It’s not my thing and does not make my top three areas of interest. 


Another actionable thing to do is go through your Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter accounts and unfollow those topics/pages that don’t coordinate with your lifestyle anymore. And of course, taking the leap to delete unused bookmarks, clear out your history, cached data, and cookies on your laptop will not only help your computer run faster, but help you better focus on the things that matter most to you without the old, irrelevant items still hanging around.


Taking the time to make these updates will save you both storage space and sanity. Change and growth are important factors in life. Tech organization is usually something that’s not thought of when it comes to growth. Most people in tech are so focused on optimizing their websites that we forget to stay fully optimized in our own lives. Put simply, say goodbye to being an online hoarder and take steps toward online organization to live better on — and off — the internet.

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