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Using the Grammarly Tool – Our Use & Review

Posted @ May 31 2011 by

Update 10/10/2012:  We’ve updated this post in some places to reflect how we are currently using Grammarly and to...

Google Blacklists the Word ‘Scam’ from Auto-Complete / Auto-Suggest

Posted @ Mar 31 2011 by

Update:  This change by Google was short-lived.  About a week after they blacklisted ‘scam’ they added it back.  Many companies...

How to Spot a Bad (or ineffective) SEO Company

Posted @ Mar 13 2011 by

In any industry, there are high-quality and low-quality providers.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no different, but it can...

An Added Benefit to Local SEO

Posted @ Dec 22 2010 by

Many small businesses across the country begin their SEO campaigns with dreams of being able to quickly rank for...

SEO & Current Trends

Posted @ Jun 29 2010 by

The biggest benefit of SEO is having your site rank highly in the search engine results for important and...

Just Launched Blank Slate Concepts

Posted @ Feb 09 2010 by

We've launched a new website for Fairfax, VA based interior painting and décor company Blank Slate Concepts. We...

A Plug from the Sports Junkies

Posted @ Nov 03 2009 by

We were happy to catch a very nice (unprompted) plug from the Sports Junkies the other morning on the...

New Logo for Mediocre Poker Radio

Posted @ Oct 11 2009 by

We just finished working with Bret and EB of the Sports Junkies on a new project for their poker...

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