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How “Drafting” Off Of Mozinars Can Help Build Your Personal Brand

Posted @ Aug 11 2015 by

As the New Media Manager with Go Fish Digital, my day-to-day responsibilities include managing the brand presence for organizations across...

How Google Might Recommend TV Shows Based upon Web Popularity

Posted @ Aug 07 2015 by

A Google patent granted this week explores how Google might recommend TV shows using Web-popularity signals. The problem this...

Could Cecil the Lion’s killer ever recover on Yelp?

Posted @ Jul 29 2015 by

After news broke that the beloved Lion Cecil was killed by Minnesota Dentist Walter Palmer, internet users banded together...

How Google may Create a Reputation Score for People Based Upon User interactions

Posted @ Jul 24 2015 by

A Reputation Score as a Ranking Signal? One of the things I was hoping to see with Google’s Social...

How Google May find Results that Answer Entity Triggering Questions

Posted @ Jul 17 2015 by

We learned Google’s name for Answer Box results was Featured Snippets. These Direct Answer results answer entity triggering questions...

How Customized Content Might be Shown in Google Knowledge Panels

Posted @ Jul 06 2015 by

A Google patent application published last month describes how the search results returned in response to a query might...

New FTC Guidelines on Endorsements in Social Media

Posted @ Jun 16 2015 by

When you see a recommendation made on Twitter or Pinterest for a product or a service, if the person...

How Google May Identify and Rank Entity Attributes

Posted @ Jun 07 2015 by

A searcher looking for answers to meet informational or situation needs of theirs may enter a query into a...

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