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Should Apple Really Try to Back into Search Through Siri?

Posted @ Nov 15 2013 by

You’ve probably seen TV commercials from Apple where celebrities ask their iPhones questions and have conversations with Siri on...

Manufacturing Controversy: The Story Behind the “15 Hottest Guys in SEO” Post

Posted @ Nov 15 2013 by

Last Friday, I caused a bit of controversy. After more than a year of working quietly as a New...

Are You,Your Business, or Products in a Knowledge Base?

Posted @ Nov 03 2013 by

Imagine both Googlebot and Bingbot being smarter – much smarter. Instead of just grabbing text and links and pictures...

A Very Spooky Blog Post

Posted @ Oct 31 2013 by

Happy Halloween from the Go Fish Digital Team! Holidays can be a really fun time when you’re in an...

Just How Safe Is Our Data? The History of Security Puts Us At Ease

Posted @ Oct 22 2013 by

As a remote digital marketing company, we are well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of working in the...

Online Reputation Management Coverage on The News

Posted @ Oct 09 2013 by

On Wednesday I was happy to be invited to appear on ‘Capital Insider’ to discuss Online Reputation Management (ORM),...

The First Tweets from 38 SEO-Industry Influencers

Posted @ Sep 13 2013 by

Topsy recently announced the ability to search through the entire history of Twitter tweets, which has opened up a...

Using Social Media For Proactive Reputation Management

Posted @ Sep 03 2013 by

It’s our pleasure to again work with Keri-Ann Baker on an article that recently appeared in the print magazine...

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