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Google Autocomplete, previously known as Google Suggest,  has an undocumented API that provides the top 10 Autocomplete values for any keyword entered in. This is really valuable because most people only see the top 4 Autocomplete values when they enter a search in Google. By knowing what those next 6 values are, you have an idea of what any future Autocomplete values might be and you can nip any underlying issues (like ‘scam’ or ‘complaints’) in the bud.

The API behind this is used to power the Google Browser Toolbar, but it also works fine for retrieving the data directly. We’ve built a simple tool that allows you to enter in your keyword and receive those top values automatically.

After typing your phrase and clicking submit, the top 10 Autocomplete values will be opened in a new tab/window in your browser. We open up the results in your browser, rather than us retrieving the results ourselves, so that you can see what they are for you locally. I highly recommend using this tool in an Incognito or Privacy browser mode (Chrome or Firefox make that really easy). So here it is, enjoy:




Another handy tool for reviewing Autocomplete values is This tool shows you the Autocomplete values for your search phrase, and also your search phrase with every letter and number appended to the end of it. It’s limitation is that you don’t have direct control over the location that the values are pulling from, but that is a small sacrifice for the wealth of data it does churn out.

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