6 Ways to Build Stronger Client Relationships

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Building client relationships that are strong requires you to put in not only the time that is required, but the care that is also necessary in order to grow and maintain them. Fostering strong client relationships is necessary for business sustainability and growth! Below are our top tips for cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship with your clients. 

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1. Build Trusting 

In any type of relationship, trust is the foundation that holds it together, including those formed in the workplace. Establishing trust early on is a vital component in building a strong and long-lasting client relationship. To achieve this, make use of every opportunity to connect with your clients in a meaningful way. Pay attention to the details they share with you and bring them up in your next conversation to show that you’re invested in them. Whether it’s asking about their child’s soccer game or dance recital, take the time to acknowledge the impact they have on your client’s life. Be an active listener, show attentiveness, and communicate with a clear purpose. Foster a culture of transparency by having open dialogues and visibility with your clients, giving them a sense of security in your partnership.

2. Be Empathetic

When it comes to client relationships, it’s important to remember that your clients aren’t just business transactions – they’re individuals seeking your services. Make an effort to see, hear, and value them as both consumers and people. Building a true partnership means showing your humanity and empathy. That means taking on their problems as if they were your own, considering their perspectives and experiences, and understanding their priorities. When you can truly walk in their shoes, you can best support them and build a partnership that lasts. Remember the Platinum rule: treat others how they want to be treated, and watch your client relationships flourish.  

3. Take Responsibility

Mistakes happen, even to the best of us. But when they do, it’s essential to respond with transparency and humanity. By acknowledging and taking responsibility for any errors, you show your commitment to integrity and build trust with your client. Don’t shy away from discussing how to prevent similar mistakes in the future, and don’t wait to deliver bad news. Honesty upfront is always the best policy. Demonstrating ownership and maintaining transparency will show your client that you’re serious about their business and dedicated to providing the best possible service. In fact, owning up to mistakes may even increase their confidence in you!

4. Be the Expert

To be seen as a true expert in your industry, you must not only possess in-depth knowledge but also have a thorough understanding of the services you provide. Once your clients trust your expert opinion, they will rely on you for guidance and advice. Therefore, it is essential to maintain that level of trust by consistently demonstrating your expertise.

Remember, your clients turn to you as the expert to lead them to success. They need you to exude confidence while helping them achieve their vision. Understanding their needs and partnering with them to develop a solid strategy is key to building stronger client relationships. Don’t forget to clearly articulate goals, next steps, and the “why” behind your plan. Collaboration is important, but it’s equally important to maintain your expert voice throughout the process.

5. Track Progress

Tracking progress is a crucial aspect of any successful strategy, and it’s essential to have the right tools in place to do so effectively. There are numerous options available, such as Google Analytics, ad network conversions tracking, KPI tracking, Data Studio reporting, and more. Using these tools will enable you to demonstrate the success measures and areas for improvement with data to support any decisions made.

One example of how to improve progress tracking is by utilizing comprehensive reporting. At Go Fish Digital, we use Looker Studio to create dashboards that update in real-time, pulling information from various sources such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console, Laravel, Sheets, and more. Our clients can access up-to-date performance data for their accounts in one place, at any time, providing ultimate visibility.

These reports also allow clients to review data for different date ranges, campaigns, and ad groups, giving them the ability to filter down to relevant information. Providing clients with transparency and visibility into their accounts is crucial, and utilizing tools like Looker Studio can help ensure that they are fully informed about the progress being made.

Image of organic traffic and keyword performance for data studio report. Example of Datastudio report customizability assisting in client visibility. Transparency is a step in building stronger client relationships.

By leveraging tools that can increase visibility for your client, you will be able to better identify areas of strength and opportunity in your strategy. In tracking progress, you can ensure that you are able to  adjust the figurative sails throughout the storms as needed at the first signs of possible concern. 

6. Be Yourself

The last tip on our list is quite possibly one of the most important of them all, be yourself. Sounds easy enough right? This is one area that anyone else around you would absolutely fail at replicating, no matter how hard they try. No one can be as “you” as you are. It is important to recognize your strengths and lead with those strengths when communicating with your client. Ask yourself, how can I make my client feel seen, heard, and valued? 

As an example, I consider myself to have quite the sense of humor. I enjoy getting to know what makes my clients feel comfortable, but also very much enjoy learning what makes them laugh and smile. There is value in providing comfort, laughter, and understanding with clients. I believe that this in turn assists greatly in the relationships that I have built with them. 

I bet you didn’t expect homework from this article, but set aside some time today or tonight to truly do some self reflection! Take a moment and genuinely think about the parts of yourself that shine, those attributes that you can pull forward when communicating with clients. How can you make your clients feel seen, heard, and valued by leveraging more of your natural strengths? In the wise words of Maya Angelou: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Final Thoughts 

You now have a few new tips to take with you into your existing and future client dynamics! In the beginning, it can be a daunting task trying to create the firm foundation necessary to foster strong and lasting client relationships. It will take more than delivering great results. It will require a well-rounded approach accompanied by a genuine time and thought investment. However, you have the tools necessary in order to make your relationships with your clients truly exceptional. 

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