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Brian Patterson

Online Reputation Management Professional

Online reputation management services expert - Brian PattersonBrian Patterson is a Washington, DC-based Online Reputation Management consultant, author, and speaker. Brian has helped individuals and firms solve a wide range of complex online reputation issues.
From Autocomplete to Search Results, Yelp to Wikipedia, there is an endless list of websites where you must pro-actively protect, and reactively defend to ensure that your brand is not adversely impacted by negative content.

Online Reputation Management Videos

Interview with Brian Patterson on Google Autocomplete

Search Engine Journal's John Rampton interview's Brian on how best to protect and enhance your brand with Google Autocomplete.

Brian Patterson ORM Interview on Capital Insider

Brian Patterson is interviewed on reputation management, how businesses use it, and its impact in Washington, DC.

Overcoming Ripoff Report in Google

You have options if you need to get Ripoff Report removed from your name or brand's search results. This video lays out exactly what those options are.

Reputation Management for Google Autocomplete

It can be hard to change Google Autocomplete. Using a data driven approach, we use advanced protocols to push negative values out of Google/Bing/Yahoo Autocomplete.

Yelp Help

Love it or hate it, Yelp is here to stay. This video contains strategies on how to establish or improve a company's Yelp presence.


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How Google Autocomplete Can Affect Your Brand’s SEO & ORM Strategy

Published in Search Engine Land on August 27, 2012

Our Online Reputation Management Playbook

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Brian Patterson


Brian is a Partner and co-founder of Go Fish Digital.  With over ten years of digital marketing experience, he has a track record which includes working with some of the world largest organizations and top websites.  He is a contributing author to Search Engine Land, Moz, and MediaPost. Brian is one of the foremost experts in online reputation management and is regularly featured in local and national outlets.  (For press inquiries please contact

Brian is a graduate of George Mason University and lives in Ashburn, VA with his wife and three children.

Brian can be found online at:

Twitter: @brianspatterson
LinkedIn: /BrianSPatterson
Slideshare: /brianspatterson

Notable Publications:

Fix Your Online Reputation | Kiplinger
4 Ways to Increase Your Positive Yelp Reviews | Fox Business
5 Free Deep Reputation Management Checking Tools | Search Engine Land
Google Autocomplete: Your Personal Brand’s First Impression | Search Engine Land
How Google Autocomplete Can Affect Your Brand’s SEO & ORM Strategy | Search Engine Land
Our Online Reputation Management Playbook | Moz

Dan Hinckley


Dan specializes in innovative digital marketing solutions, brand strategy, and technical web development and support. He works in step with clients to manage SEO, ORM, Conversion Rate Optimization, and website design and development projects, from start to finish. He is Google Analytics Certified and leads the Google AdWords programs.

Dan began his career in brand strategy management before transitioning into IT consulting for the US Government. These experiences uniquely position him to develop comprehensive strategies for SEO that span across branding and IT domains.

Ten years of SEO experience have made Dan a seasoned industry veteran in tune with the latest capabilities. As a consultant, his clients have included GEICO, AAG, American Petroleum Institute, Marriott, US Department of Defense, US State Department, George Mason University, and Penn State University among others.

Dan can be found online at:

Twitter: @dhinckley
LinkedIn: /danielhinckley

Notable Publications:

New Study: Data Reveals 67% of Consumers are Influenced by Online Reviews

Bill Slawski

Director of search marketing

With more than 20 years of SEO experience and a Juris Doctor Degree, Bill is the foremost expert on Google’s patents as related to SEO. Bill is the Editor of SEO by the Sea, a prominent search engine optimization blog, where he is the author of over 1,000 posts. Bill’s experience includes Fortune 500 brands and some of the largest websites in the world. Bill is a contributing author for Moz and Search Engine Land.  In 2014, he spoke at industry leading conferences  about topics including search engine algorithms, universal and blended search, personalization in search, search and social, and duplicate content problems.

Recent Speaking Events


PubCon-(Las Vegas) “Semantic Web, Knowledge Graph, and Other Changes to SERPS – A Google Semantic Timeline”
SMX-East (New York) “Hummingbird & The Entity Revolution – Knowledge and Search, Two Swords Sharpening One Another”
Semantic Tech and Business (San Jose) “Semantic Search”


SMX-West (San Jose)
Pubcon (Las Vegas) “Evolution of Search”

Recent Publications

Music, Lyrics, Ads, and Answer Boxes at Google
Unraveling Panda Patterns
Direct Answers: Extracting Text from Pages Citations


Matt McGee

Editor-In-Chief at Marketing Land

Bill is one of the kindest and most reliable guys I know — always ready with a compliment or word of encouragement. Beyond that, he’s also one of the smartest! A lot of us know and do search marketing, but none of us come at it with the understanding of the theory behind search algorithms that Bill has developed through tireless research into patent applications and similar scientific documents. He does us all a big service via his blog!

Mark Traphagen

Senior Director of Online Marketing at Stone Temple Consulting

While I have not worked with Bill, I have engaged with him regularly via social media for two years now, and he and I both spoke at a conference together. I have come to rely on Bill as at true expert in the field of SEO; one of my most reliable sources of information.

In SEO, there are tons of people who claim to know what they are talking about. Bill is one of the relative few who backs up what he says with intensive research and testing, and is able to provide real data. For that reason, he is one of my top go-to resources when I really need to know “what’s what.”

Bill has always impressed me with his knowledge, thoroughness, and integrity. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of the services he can provide.

Mia Ficken

Digital Marketing Manager

Through 12 years of experience with advertising agencies and in-house educational institutions, Mia has garnered an expertise in traditional and digital marketing, brand management, integrated campaign development and implementation, product planning and customer engagement.

In the past she has led campaigns for Honda, Belmont University, The Nashville Zoo, AKG Acoustics, Ovation Brands, Columbia State Community College, and several automotive clients.

Mia holds a B.A. from James Madison University and a Masters of Business Administration from Belmont University with a focus on marketing and negotiation. She is also trained and certified in the Harvard Program on Negotiation (PON) Method and Lean Healthcare.

Daniel Russell

Digital Marketing Manager

Daniel is one of the fastest rising stars in the digital marketing industry. In just the last year, his innovative work for clients was featured in The Washington Post, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Yahoo News, and Inc. He has been interviewed about his marketing efforts on KABC and the Growth Hacking Podcast. He has also covered innovative marketing and growth techniques as a featured speaker at Google I/O DC, MozCon, INBOUND, and Small Business Summit.

Daniel graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Economics and History and received his J.D. from George Mason School of Law. He is also a licensed attorney.