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What Is Link Building?

Link building encompasses more than just creating incredible content that ranks and gains high-quality backlinks from around the web. Impactful link building requires a mix of technical and creative processes that, when taken together, improve your website’s overall functionality and user experience while propelling you to the top of the search results.

When you’re trying to boost your online presence, links matter. Not just the links on your site, but the links from other sites that point back to your site. Your off-page SEO. It’s no secret that link building takes time, energy, patience, and a lot of practice. And despite its difficulties, it can’t be ignored if you want to stand out from your competitors.

At Go Fish Digital, our team works with you directly to optimize your website’s link profiles and create buzz-worthy campaigns that will continue to gain backlinks over time from some of the best publications in the world.

What Our Clients Say

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Link Building Services at Go Fish Digital

We work with industry-leading brands, pioneers, startups, local companies, shops, and renowned organizations across industries to create white hat link building solutions that see real results. Our clients trust us, and we work together in dynamic, flexible partnerships to make the most of our combined expertise.

Our philosophy for link building is to add true, genuine value online for web users. This useful information spreads naturally, builds relationships, and creates powerful mentions and links back to your site.

Our link building services taks a personalized, data-driven approach to eliminate ambiguity and utilize powerful SEO tools to deliver on both the creative and technical sides of link building. Our process is time-tested, methodical, imaginative, and transparent every step of the way.

A Look At Our Link Building Services

At Go Fish Digital, we offer a range of link building services backed by in-depth research and our award-winning team, helping you exceed your goals with flying colors. We lead with SEO and leverage research methods refined through years of experience.

Whether you’re looking to launch innovative content campaigns, do large-scale link reclamation, or just make a few improvements to your website, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about each of our SEO link building services below.

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Digital PR

Digital PR refers to the process of creating high-quality, statistics-oriented content, such as surveys or studies, that will gain media coverage and backlinks from authoritative publications. Links from reputable outlets boost your website’s credibility in the eyes of Google, increasing your brand exposure and moving your content higher in the search results. At the end of each digital PR campaign, we deliver custom analytics reports detailing KPIs related to social engagement, traffic, and overall impact.

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Broken Link Building

The web is flooded with articles new and old. Over time, as people delete content, pages once linking to that content are left with broken links (also known as dead links) that no longer add value.

Broken link building refers to the process of finding broken links across the web and identifying opportunities for your own content to fill the gaps. At Go Fish Digital, we take a systematic approach to broken link backlinking for a mutual value add that’s easily scalable and improves your SEO.

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Link Reclamation and Unlinked Mentions

We roll these two services into one since they entail similar processes related to backlinking. Content updating is a natural part of SEO optimization, but when someone updates their web page this sometimes results in losing a link to one of your pages. Alternatively, someone may mention your brand or a resource you’ve created, such as an infographic, without linking back to your site!

This presents an easily remedied opportunity in both cases. At Go Fish Digital, our team has the tools and skills to tidy up your web presence through link reclamation and getting links for unlinked mentions.

Link Building FAQs

In the world of search engines, links = trust. They’re like votes of confidence. When you earn links back to your site, it sends a signal to search engines that your site is trustworthy and has quality resources worthy of getting citations. This, in turn, makes the rest of your site rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Quality backlinks are made up of a couple of factors. Firstly, the domain authority of the third-party site linking to your site is incredibly important. A link from a high domain authority site translates to more link equity transferring from the third-party site to yours. However, domain authority is not the only factor with which you should (and could) judge the quality of a backlink.

A high-quality link comes from a high-quality site. Even sites with a high domain authority may not be quality websites. For example – a link directory with a domain authority of 85 does not compare to the quality of a digital publisher or a local news site that’s an affiliate of a major news source.

Of course. We often recommend diverse link building strategies and will work closely with you and your teams to identify what link building initiatives are right for your website.

Link building services can be an extremely effective way of improving the SEO of your site. Getting links from high authority sites, you’ll send strong trust signals to search engines about the quality of your site. This can be an extremely effective SEO initiative for sites that are competing against more established competitors with more robust backlink profiles.

Link Building Case Studies

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We work closely with our clients to create meaningful content that ranks and gains links continually over time. Are you ready to create amazing content with us and strengthen your backlink portfolio? Reach out to us today to learn more
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