BetterUp Uses Testing To Determine The Lowest CPL Channel

+117% improvement over conversion goals

The Goal

BetterUp helps businesses grow their talent personally and professionally through AI technology that powers personalized, comprehensive coaching experiences. 

In 2021, BetterUp launched Inner Work Day, a virtual event which encouraged professionals to work on themselves in order to improve their individual passion, creativity and motivation at work.

According to BetterUp’s website:

Inner Work starts by looking inward to our authentic selves and experiences, and taking time for the things that ignite our passion, creativity, and innovation. Doing Inner Work is accessible to anyone, and all you need to get started is some time.

BetterUp’s goal was to use paid marketing initiatives in order to promote awareness and drive sign ups for  Inner Work Day. By using a combination of Google Ads and paid social, BetterUp’s wanted to encourage participation from business leaders from enterprise companies.

The Strategy


The team at Go Fish Digital set out with the objective to test different paid advertising channels to find the lowest CPL (cost per lead) channel for the Inner Work Day event. Working with BetterUp, we aligned on a target number of sign ups that would result in the event being a success. We then developed a testing framework to identify the channels that saw qualified conversions at the lowest CPL possible


The Go Fish Digital team approached this campaign by setting up a testing framework to determine the best channel to promote Inner Work Day. This included: 

  1. Setting up campaigns on multiple platforms (Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, 6sense)
  2. Clearly defining audience targeting through research on queries, job titles, seniority, retargeting and other demographic data
  3. Determining the proper budget allocation mix between the campaigns
  4. Experimenting with ad creative, copywriting and audience targeting strategies
  5. Regular monitoring of channel performance to determine the lowest CPL ads
  6. Reallocation of marketing budget towards channels that we’re performing the strongest 

The Results

Through experimenting with channels and creative, monitor performance and reallocating budget, the Go Fish Digital team was able to ensure that the Inner Work Day event was a success. The campaign resulted in:

  • +114% conversion improvement over the original goal
  • 71% of conversions from LinkedIn & Facebook, the channels with the lowest CPL


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