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A Beginner’s Guide to Achieving Web Design Consistency

What Is A Website Redesign?

A website redesign is the process of revamping and updating your existing website to enhance its appearance, functionality, and user experience, in order to align more closely with your business objectives and the evolving trends in web design and technology. Unlike a simple website update where minor changes are made, a redesign involves a substantial overhaul that can include new graphics, layout structures, navigation elements, color schemes, and backend functionality.

The goal of a website redesign is not merely aesthetic. It’s a strategic undertaking aimed at improving KPIs such as site traffic, user engagement, and conversions. Whether you’re adapting to brand changes, improving your UX, or embracing new technological capabilities, a website redesign can serve as a catalyst for advancing your online presence and enhancing your digital marketing initiatives.

Custom Website Redesign Services

At Go Fish Digital, we don’t just redesign websites; we transform them into high-performing digital assets. In our discovery phase, we identify areas for improvement, focusing on streamlining navigation, enhancing site performance, and optimizing for mobile devices to offer a seamless user experience. Our design team collaborates closely with you to refresh the site’s aesthetics, incorporating modern design principles that align with your brand and capture attention.

Our website redesign approach is rooted in data-driven strategies aimed at improved site conversions. By refining key calls-to-action and optimizing engagement points, we ensure that your website doesn’t just attract users but also converts visitors into customers, subscribers, or whatever your specific business goals may be. Through a combination of design improvements and functional enhancements, we elevate your website to be a true extension of your brand and a catalyst for lead generation.


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Content Migration

One of the most critical aspects of a website redesign is the seamless migration of existing content. At Go Fish Digital, we understand the value of your existing assets—be it blog posts, landing pages or contact information. Our goal is to ensure that these valuable assets are not only preserved but also optimized during the redesign process.

We start by conducting an in-depth inventory of all existing content on your site. From there, we create a detailed migration plan, specifying how each piece of content will be transferred, reformatted, or repurposed. Special attention is given to maintaining your site’s existing SEO by implementing proper redirects, preserving URL structures, and keeping consistent metadata.

Content migration isn’t just a matter of copy-paste for us; it’s an opportunity to further optimize your digital assets.

Site Performance Improvements

At Go Fish Digital, we understand that a successful website redesign goes beyond aesthetics and content; it must also excel in performance. To optimize speed and stability, we conduct a thorough plugin audit, eliminating unnecessary bloat and recommending efficient alternatives. For those seeking a high-performance solution, we offer migration services to top-tier CMS platforms like WP Engine, renowned for their speed, security, and scalability.

During your website redesign, we employ rigorous testing using tools like Google Lighthouse and WebPageTest to assess load times and responsiveness. Based on these insights, we implement a range of best practices to further improve your site’s performance. The end result is a website that is not only visually compelling but also fast, reliable, and built to scale with your business.

Additional Website Services

Website Hosting

Robust security features are integral to maintaining optimal website performance during a redesign. We highly recommend WP Engine as our WordPress hosting provider of choice due to its proactive security measures. Not only does WP Engine safeguard against a vast array of known security threats, but they also continually update their defenses to ward off emerging attacks. Additionally, their automatic malware scanning detects and neutralizes hacking attempts, offering an extra layer of security.

Website Maintenance

Maintain your website’s optimal performance with our flexible support retainer packages, tailored to meet your site’s unique requirements. Each of our support plans encompasses routine updates for your CMS theme and plugins/apps, along with daily backup services.


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Websites We’ve Redesigned

Throughout our years in digital marketing, we’ve successfully redesigned hundreds of websites to keep them fresh, functional, and aligned with evolving business goals. Below you’ll find examples of our website redesign projects

Kuhn website before redesign
Kuhn website after redesign
future method old site
future method new site
workwise old site
workwise new site
Trust website before redesign
Trust website redesign