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What Is Hotel SEO?

Hotel SEO is the marketing practice of improving the search engine visibility of businesses in the hospitality sector. Hotel SEO involves strategies such as local SEO, landing page optimization, user experience enhancement, technical SEO and more. Improving hotel SEO can help drive more organic traffic to a hotel’s website, and subsequently, increasing bookings and revenue. Go Fish Digital provides hotel SEO services to help you improve your digital visibility in search engines and improve the number of online bookings your hotel receives.

Local SEO For Hotels

The team at Go Fish Digital takes a comprehensive look at improving the local SEO of your hotel business.

Local SEO plays a significant role in the digital presence of hotels, acting as a catalyst in connecting hotels with searchers seeking accommodations in specific geographic areas. By leveraging local SEO strategies, hotels can significantly enhance their visibility on local search queries, ensuring they are a top choice when potential guests are exploring options in the area. Go Fish Digital helps improve your local SEO by:

  • Optimizing your Google Business profiles
  • Optimizing local landing pages
  • Creating new localized assets
  • Establishing a strong linking structure between localized pages


Multi-Location Hotel SEO

Managing the SEO strategy for hotels with multiple locations can be a complex process but this is pivotal in ensuring each location maximizes its online presence and reaches its target audience effectively. We specialize in crafting tailored SEO strategies for each unique location. We work to understand your highest priority markets, review localized competitors and utilize data to understand your hotel’s visibility in different geographies. Our holistic approach allows you to better understand the markets you perform well and the markets where there are areas of opportunity. This allows our team to set an SEO strategy that focused on growing visibility in the markets that are most important to your hotel business.


Technical SEO Agency

Technical SEO For Hotels

Go Fish Digital’s technical SEO services are paramount for establishing a solid foundation for your hotel’s website, ensuring that search engines can efficiently crawl and index your content properly. We address various technical elements including website architecture, navigation, URL structure, and sitemaps, ensuring each component is optimized for seamless user experiences and optimal search engine visibility. Our expert team conducts comprehensive reviews to identify and rectify any underlying technical issues that could impede performance. This could include reviews of faceted navigations, Core Web Vitals, indexation signals and more.


Hotel Website User Experience Enhancements

Optimizing the user experience is crucial for the success of any hotel website, as it plays a significant role in the customer’s journey from consideration to booking. In general, the better your site is able to deliver a high quality user experience from the search results, the better your SEO will be. Go Fish Digital’s hotel SEO team reviews your website’s user experience, focusing on improving the website navigation, internal linking structure, content templates and more. We ensure that your website provides a phenomenal user experience that helps improve engagement from the search engines and increases customer bookings.


Hotel SEO FAQs

Hotel SEO refers to the specialized practice of optimizing a hotel’s online presence to improve visibility in search engine results, targeting potential customers seeking accommodation and travel-related information.

The benefits of hotel SEO include increased online visibility and booking potential, improved search rankings for relevant keywords, and enhanced user experience leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention. This targeted optimization can significantly boost a hotel’s online presence and attract more direct bookings, reducing reliance on third-party booking platforms.


Common hotel SEO strategies involve optimizing local SEO to appear in local search results and on map results, using creating content relevant to travelers, and enhancing website user experience. Additionally, technical SEO can be important especially for larger hotel sites where elements such as indexation, crawl control and site structure need to be considered.


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