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Target The Right Audience

One of the most valuable aspects of paid advertising is your ability to target the exact type of customer your business is looking for. With platforms such as Google Ads, you can ensure your ads appear to the users who are most likely to turn into customers. With paid advertising you can target your audience based on characteristics such as:

  1. Neighborhoods
  2. Time of day/year
  3. Demographics
  4. Service type
  5. Search keywords

Our paid advertising team will help you perform research based on competitors, internal tools and other data sources to help you determine the best audiences for you to target. We’ll learn about your specific HVAC business to ensure that your advertisements are showing up for the most relevant users.

Google Search Advertising

By utilizing the power of Google’s search platform, you can help grow your business by scaling your advertising efforts. With Google Search ads, you can choose the exact keywords that you want your business to show up for in the search results. This means that you’ll be able to connect with potential customers at the exact moment they’re looking for your services.

The team at Go Fish Digital can help you choose exactly what types of keywords to target. By understanding your business and competitors, we’ll be able to build your Google Ads campaign to target the keywords that are most likely to result in new customers. When managing your Google Ads campaign, we’ll continually monitor and revise your ads to ensure that we’re maximizing the chance of conversions while minimizing wasted ad spend.

Custom Campaigns For Your Business

At Go Fish Digital, we understand that every business we work with is unique. We’ll work with your team to learn more about your business, who your competitors are, seasonal trends and what ultimately drives revenue. If your business has high priority service lines, we’ll ensure that we’re prioritizing those services in our research and overall advertising budget. By understanding how your business functions, we’re able to better craft an advertising strategy that’s custom fit for your needs.

Google Premier Partner

Go Fish Digital is a proud member of the Premier Partner program. This membership means that our agency is in the top 3% of companies in terms of client retention, growth and product diversification.

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