The First Tweets from 38 SEO-Industry Influencers

by Posted @ Sep 13 2013


Topsy recently announced the ability to search through the entire history of Twitter tweets, which has opened up a world of possibilities. I’ve been having a lot of fun looking back at what my friends and I have shared over the years.

The other day I started looking at the first tweets from various public figures, and I thought it’d be fun to compile a list of the first tweets from notable figures in the SEO industry. So, without further adieu, below is a list of 38 influencers in the SEO industry.


1. Aaron Wall

While Twitter can be quite trivial at times, that little box did end up changing the world (The speed of news spreading, communication during the Arab Spring, etc)

2. Adam Audette

I just Googled ‘Foamee’ to figure out what it is.  It appears to now be dead, but it was an app to track who you owed a beer or coffee to, and vice-versa.  That actually sounds pretty cool.

3. AJ Kohn

AJ came out of the gate hard, sharing who he voted for in the Democratic Primary Elections in 2008.

4. Aleyda Solis

A Google Image Search of this festival does not disappoint – it looks amazing.

5. Andy Beal

Andy is going on 6 years now without having deleted his account… but it could be any day now I suppose.

6. Ann Smarty

Here is the result of that thinking:  5 Steps to a Smart Internal Site Structure

7. Annie Cushing

8. Barry Schwartz

I love this next one.  In his 3rd tweet, ever the tinkerer, Barry tries to drop an HREF into a tweet:

And then has the realization:

9. Bas van den Beld

Google gives us this translation, “For the first time on Twitter, I hear really in? Wanted to look at whether it is really what is.”

10. Bill Slawski

Could Bill’s first tweet be any classier? I don’t think so.

11. Brian Clark

This one is quite surprising given it is from the person who dubbed himself ‘Copyblogger’.

12. Dan Thies

I suspect that Dan has discovered some utility in Twitter!

His 2nd tweet made me chuckle, as it inferred that Twitter was already becoming passé in March of 2008:

13. Danny Sullivan

14. Darren Rowse

15. Duane Forrester

16. Eric Enge

17. Greg Boser

18. Ian Lurie

Ian talked quite a bit about his back early on, but there haven’t been many mentions of it lately.  We trust you are ok now, Ian?

19. Jason Acidre

Jason picked up on the promotional aspects of Twitter from the get-go.

20. Jeff Bullas

21. Jim Boykin

As Jim demonstrates, it is usually a good idea to have your company brand separate from your personal brand.

22. Joe Hall

23. Jonathon Colman

24. Joost de Valk

Google provides this as the translation, “Zow, Roy has convinced me: P”

25. Laura Lippay

There is a lot going on in that tweet.

26. Lee Odden

27. Martin Macdonald

Interesting to know that Martin had a Twitter account suspended.

28. Matt Cutts

Always with the cats.  His 2nd tweet made me realize that we’ve been talking about duplicate content issues for over 6 years… wow.

29. Michael Gray

Michael’s 5th tweet is almost prophetic given the recent NSA leaks:

30. Michael Martinez

Michael kicked things off with some controversy.

31. Mike King

32. Neil Patel

The URL for Yahoo’s Digg clone, which was Japan only, was  It is safe to say that it didn’t succeed.

33. Rae Hoffman

Never one to mince words….

34. Rand Fishkin

35. Richard Baxter

36. Ross Hudgens


37. Wil Reynolds

38. Will Critchlow


Will’s second tweet reminded me that, at one point, people used to be concerned about how Twitter might mess up their text messaging plan.

Want to know what your first tweet was?

Find it by replacing the”_______” in the following URL with your Twitter handle:

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  1. Loved this post, and decided to see what my first tweet was. However, my first account (DazzlinDonna) is one I deleted years ago when I retired that moniker and became myself. So, instead, I checked out my first tweet as “myself” (@DonnaFontenot)and as luck would have it, it turned out to be very relevant to the subject of your post and made me chuckle! Why? Well, here is my first tweet 6 years ago as DonnaFontenot ( Ready for it? … “Contradicting some big guns of SEO”.

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    This is awesome man. That must have taken a lot of time to do this work. Appreciate it. Thanks.

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