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by Posted @ Jun 29 2010


The biggest benefit of SEO is having your site rank highly in the search engine results for important and highly searched keywords. This was especially important for one of our clients as they’re continually publishing new and current information that can be very valuable to potential readers and are always looking for innovative ways to attract them to the site.

As a method to increase traffic and brand awareness, we identified the World Cup as a trending topic and devised a way for Maciverse to take advantage of the millions of people who would be searching World Cup related phrases in the search engines. We worked with to produce and publish an article to their site to help iPad, iPhone, and Mac owners find the various ways that they could enjoy the World Cup from their devices. As the event got underway, many individuals started looking online to see the different options they had to tune in and watch the matches. As the excitement of the World Cup grew, so did the benefits of SEO for Maciverse – more traffic!

After just a few hours of being published, the information about how to watch the World Cup provided by Maciverse was appearing on the front page of Google and was the top result in the Google Blog search. The site saw hundreds of new visitors hitting the site within hours and more first time visitors were exposed to the interesting content that the site has to offer.

If you prepare for the events and trends that can have significant impacts on the amount of traffic your site can receive, you too can welcome many new visitors via this method. The team here at Go Fish Digital would love to put our innovative techniques to work with your search engine optimization initiatives. Contact us so today and we’ll discuss how we can help.

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