Is It Possible to Remove a Page from Ripoff Report?

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We have many people and companies who comes to us asking for help with removing a Ripoff Report. Whether the report was filed by a competitor, an upset former employee, or an honestly upset customer, the option to remove a page on Ripoff report simply doesn’t exist.

In fact, even if the person who originally filed the report wants to remove it, they can’t!

So, ensuring that potential customers don’t see a Ripoff Report about your or your company means that we need to reduce its visibility in Google.  We have done this for many clients, and it always happens in one of two ways:

1.  Very Uncommon:  Client files suit against the person who filed the Ripoff Report stating that the claims were false and libel.  Judge rules in favor of the client.  In this scenario, Ripoff Report still won’t remove the page.  However, Google has a process to honor the ruling where they will remove the page in question from the index.  So, essentially, the page is removed from Google even though it still exists on Ripoff Report. (see our Moxie case study for how this worked out)

2.  Very Common:  We create a detailed ORM plan to get positive content ranking above the Ripoff Report page for important queries that contain your name or brand name. In this scenario, the Ripoff Report page continues to exist and is in Google, but it is buried under pages of positive content, thus making it more difficult for a potential customer to find.

Watch the video below for more information on our process, and contact us if you’d like us to help.

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  1. Evans

    November 27th, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    Great video Brian. We have clients who have this problem and it’s tough to go the legal route. Glad to hear you have done it successfully. This is a great overview.


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