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One of the aspects of our business that we really encourage our clients and potential clients to talk to us about is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  SEO is a set of methodologies for researching the keywords that it would be good for your site to rank well in the search engines for, and then to implement a plan to improve your search engine rankings for those keywords.  We fancy ourselves as the best Virginia SEO company around.

The great part about SEO is that it is fairly easy to quantify how much money it would bring in your door if you were to rank #1 for a particular keyword. We have good working numbers on the percentage of click-throughs you’ll receive if you are ranked #1 (its probably not what you think it is) and we can help you determine the dollar amount each site visitor is worth to your business.  Using these numbers in our formula, we can give you a pretty good estimate of the value of ranking #1 on a monthly basis.  Then, you can use that to determine if it is worth it to you to spend money on SEO.

Whether you need a company very familiar with Virginia SEO work, or you need rankings on a national level, we can assist you with providing all the research and work to help you with your rankings. We’ll research the most valuable keywords for your company or organization; we’ll analyze how many people search those words, how likely they are to convert to customers, etc and then we’ll build an aggressive plan to get you to rank highly for those keywords.

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