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When to Respond to Online Reviews (And How)

Posted @ Aug 08 2019 by Tommy Glasgow

If you’ve found your way over to this post, you probably already know the importance of online reviews. A business’ star rating on major review sites, like Yelp and Google, has very real consequences on its bottom line. So making review management a priority is essential to maintaining a brand’s online reputation. Here at Go […]

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PR vs. ORM: What They Teach One Another

Posted @ Mar 07 2019 by Tommy Glasgow

A generation ago, brand management was a lot more straightforward. Looking to get the word out on your product or service? Hire a slick advertising agency or a well-connected public relations firm and you’re off to the races. But the digital age has demanded more from marketers. With an increasingly skeptical and digitally-savvy culture, consumers […]

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Yelp reviews for gyms

Three Unique Yelp Challenges that Gyms Face

Posted @ Sep 12 2018 by Tommy Glasgow

At Go Fish Digital, we see a lot of multi-location businesses that need help making review improvements. Goals range from increasing the overall number of positive reviews to hitting a star rating benchmark across all locations, to even scraping review text for trends and customer pain points. Recently, we wanted to study a type of […]

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Improve your TripAdvisor rating with these 6 do's and don'ts

How to Improve Your TripAdvisor Rating: 6 Do’s and Don’ts

Posted @ Jan 23 2018 by Tommy Glasgow

For business owners in the travel & hospitality industries, TripAdvisor has become much more than an online guide to area attractions. Now the “largest travel site in the world,” TripAdvisor dominates search results and user ratings for over 7.3 million hotels, restaurants, and activities around the world. If you’ve done any traveling lately, especially internationally, […]

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