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Keeping Up Your Reputation in Times of Crisis

Posted @ Mar 20 2020 by Samantha Simons

The Coronavirus and COVID-19, have been dominating the headlines, causing widespread panic all over the world. To help ease it, brands and individuals have taken this opportunity to make a difference in any way they can. I was curious to see what brands were doing to help and came across this NYPost article about Chef […]

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How Controversial Bachelor Contestants Could Improve Their Reputations

Posted @ Jul 15 2019 by Samantha Simons

The Bachelor is a cultural phenomenon that demonstrates how one person, after weeks of dating multiple people, dramatic scenarios, beautiful locations, and tear-inducing rose ceremonies, can find love on national television. Like many others, it’s one of my favorite shows to watch on Monday nights. Unlike many others, however, I work in Reputation Management. So, […]

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5 Step Reputation Engagement Guide – with Examples

Posted @ Feb 28 2019 by Samantha Simons

At Go Fish Digital, one of our cornerstone verticals is Reputation Management. Our team begins by gathering the client information to then create a unique plan which is customized specifically to address that client’s needs. As our team is executing our strategic plan as well as accomplishing our goals, it’s common for our clients to come […]

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Does Having a Fake Following Affect Your Reputation on Social Media?

Posted @ Jul 26 2018 by Samantha Simons

Twitter recently conducted a major digital audit that eliminated millions of fake accounts, like, scammers, spammers, and bots, in one fell swoop. Twitter offered up this statement about their profile audit: Most of the accounts we suspend are suspended because they are spammy, or just plain fake, and they introduce security risks for Twitter and […]

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7 Common Online Reputation Management Questions: Answered

Posted @ May 02 2017 by Samantha Simons

Another day, another brand in crisis.  Whether it is Chipotle last year, United Airlines this year, or <fill in the blank> next year, there is no shortage of companies that have reputation issues to resolve.  And while most aren’t as bad as dragging a concussed passenger off of a plane, even smaller issues can linger in […]

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