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A Digital PR’s Guide to Using Google Alerts

Posted @ May 05 2020 by Rebecca Agocs

Digital marketers are able to track an insane amount of keywords, mentions, rankings, and more with tools like MozBar, Ahrefs, and Buzzsumo. Many of these tools require a paid subscription in order to access the advanced functionality a marketer needs to monitor key metrics.  Even though it’s sometimes quicker to use the tools we have […]

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Pitching During a Pandemic

Posted @ Apr 17 2020 by Rebecca Agocs

An overview of media relations and how COVID-19 is affecting my approach to digital PR strategy.  Picture this: freelancers are looking for places to shop their essays around, but staff writers’ queues have been backed up with stories surrounding COVID-19 for the last few weeks. Along with that, their publishers are looking for content related […]

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rejection note graphic

The Art of the “No” 101: Dealing With Rejection From Editors, Publishers, and More

Posted @ Jun 24 2019 by Rebecca Agocs

How persistence is necessary for getting your content out there If you’re like the rest of us (and let’s face it, you are), then you probably don’t like being told no. Rejection stings, but it’s inevitable if you want to publish your content on the internet or pitch media who can publish it. Rejection – […]

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Is content originality overrated?

Something Old, Something New: Is Originality Overrated?

Posted @ Feb 13 2018 by Rebecca Agocs

No idea is original. Unfortunately, that might sound a little pessimistic or a little insulting. Either way, the fact is: no ideas are original. This small, simple concept isn’t new. Mark Twain said, “There’s no such thing as a new idea. It’s impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put them into […]

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