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5 Functions of Excel/Sheets That Every Professional Should Know

Posted @ Jan 23 2019 by Maddi Salmon

I first used Microsoft Excel as a teenager, fumbling through receipts as I tried to organize numbers into a spreadsheet and later into QuickBooks. I was helping my dad’s friend prepare for his tax return, and I got a few bucks out of the deal. I’m not sure why he trusted a 16-year-old (with zero […]

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Think outside the box when promoting your content

4 Ways to Think Outside the Box When Promoting Your Content

Posted @ Jan 08 2018 by Maddi Salmon

So, you’ve got a great piece of content for your site — now what? Effectively promoting what you’ve produced can be just as important as generating the quality piece of content, itself. Think of it this way. If a journalist is puzzled by your pitch email (or worse, your email subject line), the likelihood of your […]

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