Léo Pinon

Léo Pinon can be found online at:

Twitter: leo_pinon09

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leopinon

Léo Pinon is an International Marketing Specialist at Go Fish Digital in the Raleigh, NC office.


5 Common Google Ads Mistakes You Can Fix Today

Posted @ Sep 16 2020 by Léo Pinon

When reviewing our clients’ existing Google Ads accounts, we often notice the same issues are hurting campaign performance and resulting in wasted ad spend. We typically see these mistakes in older ad accounts that are not optimized using Google’s current best practices. As Google is continually releasing new features and making changes to its advertising […]

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6 Tips to Help You Get the Most from Your Google Responsive Search Ads

Posted @ Nov 20 2019 by Léo Pinon

In 2018, Google introduced Responsive Search Ads (RSAs). In addition to Expanded Text Ads, RSAs allow users to write more headlines and descriptions that allow Google to automatically test and show the highest-performing ad variations more often. Unlike Expanded Text Ads, where advertisers keep full control of their ad copy, RSAs require users to give […]

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