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During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Clear Communication is More Important Than Ever

Posted @ Apr 27 2020 by LaRhonda Sparrow

The COVID-19 pandemic is dominating the news and occupying the minds of everyone around the globe. It’s impossible to escape the utter bombardment of content surrounding it. Because there is such an overwhelming saturation of COVID-19 news, pieces of misinformation are bound to slip in.  Misinformation and misconceptions can be caused by a lot of […]

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5 Ways to Use Professional Empathy to Boost Website Copy

Posted @ Jan 22 2020 by LaRhonda Sparrow

Copywriters are tasked with creating engaging, accessible, and actionable content that will lead someone to take action on a website, like going deeper into a site, signing up for a demo, or purchasing an item. The best way to drive this kind of action is to tailor your writing to meet every person in your […]

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How a Professional Copywriter Writes Blog Posts

Posted @ Jan 09 2020 by LaRhonda Sparrow

The Go Fish Digital copywriting team works hard to create a variety of high-quality, SEO-friendly deliverables for our clients. Among these deliverables are long-form blog posts that align with both the overarching goals of the client’s marketing initiatives and the goals of the project they commissioned with GFD.  We wanted to get insight into how […]

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To Be a Good Writer, You Need to Be a Great Editor

Posted @ Aug 14 2018 by LaRhonda Sparrow

Many people think that in order to be a good writer, you have to have a natural affinity for it. That opinion can really alienate anyone who actively wants to get better at writing and discourage them from even trying. It’s my solemn belief that anyone can be a good writer, no matter what medium. […]

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