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Young man in a wheelchair looking at his phone's universal design

Universal Design and Marketability: How to Improve the Inclusivity of Your Website

Posted @ Jun 17 2021 by Kristen Mitchell

Everyone knows the experience of using a horribly designed website. It may be hard to read, the pictures won’t load, navigating through different pages is a headache, it’s too hard to use. So you leave and find a better website — navigating a poorly performing site is not worth the effort. While it is frustrating, […]

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Graphic Designer drawing

5 Color Tools That Will Improve Your Design Accessibility

Posted @ Oct 01 2020 by Kristen Mitchell

  Color plays a significant role in design; it helps create emotions, draw interest, and convey messages. Color is even more important when it comes to design accessibility. According to the World Health Organization, “it is estimated that at least 2.2 billion people [globally] have a vision impairment or blindness.” Inclusive practices, like accessible color […]

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