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7 Myths About Pitching Journalists

Posted @ Jun 01 2021 by Kalina MacKay

Whether it’s your first time or 5,000th-time sending outreach, knowing how to pitch journalists can be intimidating. The last thing you want is for your message to end up as a publicly mocked screenshot on Twitter.  If you’re in the public relations industry, you’ve probably had a fair share of professors and field experts tell […]

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Before You Hit Send: How to Maximize Your Outreach Preparation

Posted @ Sep 14 2020 by Kalina MacKay

Pitching is about more than sending emails, crossing your fingers, and hoping for the best. When it comes to outreach, the process starts long before you log into your email account.  If you really want to earn coverage, you’ve got to do just that – earn it. The more time you put into researching and […]

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An Intro to Your First Link Building Campaign

Posted @ Oct 03 2019 by Kalina MacKay

No matter how many courses you’ve taken or tutorials you’ve watched on YouTube, nothing prepares you for your first link building campaign. As a new link builder, it can be stressful walking into an environment where everyone else is a seasoned veteran of the field. The reality is: newbies aren’t expected to know everything. But […]

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