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Shopify Structured Data: Schema Markup For Shopify

Posted @ Aug 10 2021 by Chris Long

At Go Fish Digital, we help a lot of Shopify sites improve their SEO. One of the most common things we get asked about (besides Shopify speed optimization) is what structured data works best for Shopify. With all of the different structured data types that are available, it can feel very confusing as to which […]

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Shopify Robots.txt Guide: How To Create & Edit The Robots.txt.liquid

Posted @ Jul 22 2021 by Chris Long

If you’re working on an eCommerce site, the robots.txt file is one of the biggest foundational elements of your site’s SEO. Ecommerce sites are generally much bigger than most sites on the Web and also contain features such as faceted navigation that can exponentially increase the size of the site. This means that these sites […]

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The 10 Best Shopify SEO Apps & Tools 2021

Posted @ May 11 2021 by Chris Long

At Go Fish Digital, we work with a lot of Shopify clients and have developed our own internal framework for how we perform SEO on Shopify. As a result, over the years we’ve started to really get a feel for the tools and apps that we prefer working with. While Shopify’s app marketplace might not […]

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How to Fix Shopify Duplicate Content

Posted @ Feb 05 2021 by Chris Long

The Shopify platform is becoming increasingly popular among eCommerce providers. As more and more brands shift to doing business digitally, Shopify provides an easy solution for many to manage their eCommerce presence. However, as we’ve noted in our previous Shopify SEO article, there are some SEO adjustments that store owners must consider with the platform. […]

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SEO For SaaS: The Ultimate Guide

Posted @ Sep 08 2020 by Chris Long

SEO for SaaS can be extremely challenging and seem daunting at times. In the SaaS space, there are generally much smaller search volumes for core product terms than there are for consumer products. Combine this with immense competition from aggregator sites and SaaS SEO can get very difficult very quickly. At Go Fish Digital, we […]

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How To Calculate The ROI Of SEO

Posted @ Jul 15 2020 by Chris Long

What Is SEO ROI? SEO ROI is a calculation that returns the ratio of profit to investment from an SEO campaign. A site will have a positive return on investment if SEO generates more organic revenue or conversions than the overall cost of the campaign. While initially it may take months for SEO to have […]

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A Guide To Shopify Sitemaps

Posted @ Apr 21 2020 by Chris Long

  There are a lot of elements that can impact your Shopify site’s SEO. One of these elements is the Shopify sitemap. Sitemap.xml files can be a bit confusing to Shopify site owners because they’re really not meant for their site’s users, only for the search engines that crawl and index their content. Essentially, sitemap.xml […]

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A Guide To Shopify Speed Optimization

Posted @ Mar 17 2020 by Chris Long

One of the key considerations for Shopify store owners is site performance. Your website performance directly impacts your website’s ability to convert users. The faster your site is, the more users you are likely to convert. As well, if you’re looking to improve your Shopify store’s SEO, performance is a small ranking factor in Google’s […]

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Our Ecommerce SEO Checklist For 2021

Posted @ Feb 13 2020 by Chris Long

SEO on eCommerce sites can be extremely challenging. eCommerce sites can have massive amounts of pages due to factors such as large inventories, faceted navigation, and robust site functionality. Due to the size of these sites, SEO becomes a much larger challenge as solutions oftentimes need to be scaled across thousands or millions of URLs. […]

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4 Steps To Get A Local Knowledge Panel

4 Steps to Get a Local Knowledge Panel (plus a case study)

Posted @ Sep 21 2017 by Chris Long

Local Knowledge Panels are crucial for brand searches. They help users find key information about local businesses such as their address, phone number, hours of operation, reviews and more. Having a local Knowledge Panel means you can better assist users in getting this information. They take up more screen real estate for branded queries, too. […]

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