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rocket ship launching off computer screen denoting a website launch

Common SEO Missteps When Launching a Website

Posted @ Dec 03 2019 by Candice Lyna

There are infinite reasons to redesign or redevelop a website. I won’t get into them all today, but instead, I would like to talk about how to avoid common pitfalls that can put a damper on all of the hard work leading up to your site’s launch. I’ve been helping clients launch websites for about […]

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Project Manager balancing demands

Authentic Adaptability: Channel your Inner Chameleon

Posted @ Feb 21 2019 by Candice Lyna

What does authentic adaptability mean? How can we, as project managers (PMs), ensure that we can be as authentic as possible to as many people as possible? Authenticity has become a buzzword in recent years, so I want to really dig into what it means to be true to yourself, while also being accommodating to […]

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Buried under work

How Project Managers Can Avoid Burnout at Work

Posted @ Oct 05 2018 by Candice Lyna

Last month, I had the privilege of attending Bureau of Digital’s Digital PM Summit, a conference devoted entirely to digital project managers. Each keynote, breakout, and interactive session was tailored to the pain points specific to not just project managers (PMs), but those who manage digital projects. There were PMs from across the world with […]

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Everything I know about Project Management I Learned from my Kids

Posted @ Mar 08 2018 by Candice Lyna

Married couples with kids were once the majority of the population, but that percentage has declined over the years and according to the 2016 Census, just over 42% of all U.S. households include children under 18. Adults are waiting longer to get married and it’s also becoming more common to choose not to have kids […]

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