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Brian is a Partner and co-founder of Go Fish Digital. With over ten years of digital marketing experience, he has a track record which includes working with some of the world largest organizations and top websites. He is a contributing author to Search Engine Land, Moz, and MediaPost. Brian is one of the foremost experts in online reputation management and is regularly featured in local and national outlets.

[Data Study] The Websites Most Likely to Rank for a Brand Name

Posted @ Feb 05 2020 by Brian Patterson

When you are interested in learning more about a brand, the first thing you are likely to do is type that company’s name into Google. More often than not, what you see on page one of the search results for that brand plays a critically important role in determining the company’s online reputation. If a […]

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We’re Celebrating 4 Award Wins!

Posted @ Oct 14 2016 by Brian Patterson

It’s always nice to be recognized by your peers for the work you do, which is why we’re so thrilled to have won four industry awards in the last two weeks.  The first award was at the Landy’s, hosted by Search Engine Land at SMX East, where we were presented with the award for “Best Retail Search […]

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7 Email Filters to Stop the Overseas SEO Pitch Onslaught

Posted @ Apr 13 2015 by Brian Patterson

Self-help gurus are always promoting the value of a morning ritual.  It helps you “awake with a purpose” or “focus on you”, they say.  For the most part, it makes sense, but for the past 8 years there has been one part of my morning ritual that I’ve grown to despise.  This: Does your inbox look […]

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The Most Linked-To Pages from Leading SEO Websites

Posted @ Mar 13 2015 by Brian Patterson

There are so many resources to turn to when brainstorming fresh content ideas to build for a site. In addition to just freeform thoughts on what might work, it is also helpful to see what has successfully worked for others in the real world. Backlink tools like provide good information on what is getting the most links on a site, and […]

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7 Lessons Learned from MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit Conference #MPSIS

Posted @ Dec 16 2014 by Brian Patterson

Last week, at the encouragement of a client, I attended my first Search Insider Summits in Deer Valley, Utah.  This was a new conference for me, as I’ve traditionally attended larger conferences like Pubcon, SMX, and Digital East.  But…  none of those conferences had snowmobiling! SIS offered up amazing meals and accommodations, the content was top-notch, and the featured thought leaders […]

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Rewarding Real Life Product Placement – Brand Recognition in Instagram Photos

Posted @ Jan 03 2014 by Brian Patterson

The following is a post I wrote for the Technorati Social Media news section. Chances are you haven’t heard of Bolthouse Farms before, but if their new marketing campaign performs as they hope, that just may change. Bolthouse Farms is a purveyor of fruit and vegetable juice blends, akin to popular brands such as Nantucket Nectars, Naked […]

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Online Reputation Management Coverage on The News

Posted @ Oct 09 2013 by Brian Patterson

On Wednesday I was happy to be invited to appear on ‘Capital Insider’ to discuss Online Reputation Management (ORM), the government furlough, and reviews websites.  Here is a video of the appearance:

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The First Tweets from 38 SEO-Industry Influencers

Posted @ Sep 13 2013 by Brian Patterson

Topsy recently announced the ability to search through the entire history of Twitter tweets, which has opened up a world of possibilities. I’ve been having a lot of fun looking back at what my friends and I have shared over the years. The other day I started looking at the first tweets from various public […]

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Online Reputation Management Resources for Individuals

Posted @ Jul 15 2013 by Brian Patterson

For individuals looking to improve their online reputation, there are a number of resources that can help grow their positive online presence and push down any negative search results in Google. One way to achieve this is to build out social media accounts and create professional-looking online profiles. In our experience, we’ve seen the greatest […]

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Do Something Unique/Creative/Valuable To Get Links

Posted @ Jun 13 2013 by Brian Patterson

Last week we launched a piece of content for a client called ‘The Investment Time Machine’.  This launch was the culmination of months of brainstorming, research, design, questioning, reworking, development, and testing, rinse, repeat.  Many, many hours went into this, and it was all worth it.  The premise of the piece is: What would have […]

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