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You’ve Crawled Your Site…Now what?

Posted @ Jul 16 2019 by Bernard Dries

Whether you are optimizing your own website or working on a client’s, it’s imperative that web owners attempt to simulate search engine bot activity, specifically in regards to site crawling. You, being a proactive digital marketer, have probably reviewed (and maybe even tried using) site crawl tools in the past. So, let’s say you’ve done […]

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Five Steps for Identifying Thin Content

Posted @ Jan 14 2019 by Bernard Dries

There is a lot to juggle when addressing the SEO of a website. If you’re a marketing manager, you’ve probably heard dozens of different industry buzzwords. Backlinks, domain authority, featured snippets and canonical tags are all terms that, almost certainly, have been mentioned during one of your SEO consultations. We find it worthwhile to step […]

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