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5 Quirky and Useful Lorem Ipsum Generators

Posted @ Nov 11 2019 by Blake Compton

Lorem ipsum dolor sit… are you getting tired of using the same strange language for placeholder text in your mockups? For those who don’t know, lorem ipsum is a made-up language that is based off of latin and rearranged to be mostly meaningless. Using lorem ipsum allows you to visualize paragraphs of text without focusing […]

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A Designer’s 5 Basic Tips to Improving your PowerPoint Slides

Posted @ May 22 2019 by Blake Compton

I have been asked a lot lately to help improve slide deck designs for my coworkers and even by my significant other. In doing so, I have noticed some common problems that can be solved with some simple design solutions. Although the title of this blog post specifically says “PowerPoint,” I have tried to keep […]

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A Designer’s Top 7 Favorite Google Fonts

Posted @ Oct 19 2018 by Blake Compton

These are my 7 favorite and most-used typefaces from Google Fonts (Google Fonts is a library of 100% free open source fonts for commercial use). They are listed in no particular order, but are grouped by sans serif, serif, and handwritten/script fonts. There is more detail below, but here is the quick list: Poppins Montserrat […]

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A Designer’s Top 5 Color Tools

Posted @ Sep 18 2018 by Blake Compton

As a designer, trying to find the perfect colors for a graphic can be daunting at times. I’ve personally spent hours trying to match colors to the ones I have pictured in my mind. Over the years, however, I have found some tools and tips that help significantly speed up that process. Here are the top […]

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A Designer’s 5 Favorite Design Inspiration Sites

Posted @ Sep 29 2017 by Blake Compton

Being a designer and creating something new every day is challenging. Sometimes, ideas spark instantly. But other times? They can take hours or even days to develop. When this happens, it’s useful to step away from the project for a moment and look to others’ work to find a inspiration. Here’s a list of my […]

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7 Free Design Tools to Create Impressive Graphics

Posted @ Mar 31 2017 by Blake Compton

This is my very first ‘Oprah’ moment. Being a frugal graphic designer by nature, I am always on the hunt for good open-source and/or free tools and utilities. So although I can’t give everyone a free car over the internet, I can share my list of favorite free design tools. What follows are my top free stock […]

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