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Ben Shepherd is a Senior Digital Marketing Associate at Go Fish Digital.

I’m Considered “Non-Technical” – Should I Learn How to Code?

Posted @ May 10 2019 by Ben Shepherd

Yes! I get a lot of questions from coworkers, friends, and family about how and why I learned to code. I did not complete a Computer Science degree in college, my job title does not contain “Developer”, and many would consider my role to be a “Non-Technical” one. Yet, I invested significant time and effort […]

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Code Example – How we Transform Log Files to Improve SEO Rankings

Posted @ Oct 02 2018 by Ben Shepherd

As part of our SEO services at Go Fish Digital, we often help our clients collect and analyze their log files. We’ve learned working with a variety of enterprise clients that these log files can be cumbersome, siloed, and formatted in strange ways based on the infrastructure of the client’s site. Reverse proxies, internal redirects, […]

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The Data Marketer’s Toolbox: 5 Apps I Can’t Live Without

Posted @ Jul 13 2017 by Ben Shepherd

  In Don Draper’s time, marketing and advertising were based almost entirely on gut feelings and big ideas. Nowadays, the most successful marketers are using hardcore data analytics, mapping, and machine learning solutions to reach their targets effectively. Here at Go Fish Digital, we use a variety of powerful data solutions to ensure our clients […]

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