2016 Go Fish Digital Social Media Scholarship

Update:  The 2016 scholarship has been awarded to Nate Fanning, with his very well put together video that you can see here:



Scholarship award amount:  $1000

Go Fish Digital is a firm believer in equipping and training the next generation with the digital skills needed to succeed in this evolving global landscape.  One of the ways we do this is by encouraging students to truly think deeply about their app and social media usage and its impact in life and business.  This scholarship asks students to do just that, and then share their thoughts in a video that others can learn from.


In early 2015, 19-year-old college student Andrew Watts wrote an article that turned the heads of some of the most experienced marketers. The post, “A Teenager’s View on Social Media” published on medium.com, was a wakeup call to an industry that had lost sight of how teens and millennials truly interact with their social apps.

The post garnered over 30K social shares and sparked deeper conversations amongst marketers on how better to reach this crucial demographic.

But… a lot can change in a year.  And this is where you, and this scholarship opportunity, come in.

Your Prompt

Create a video no more than 6 minutes in length, and post to YouTube, answering the question: “How do my friends and I use social media?”   You can describe what social media platforms and apps you use, what you don’t use, what misconceptions adults/parents have about your social media usage, and anything else related.

It can be highly creative and heavily edited or simple and straight forward.

Upload your video to YouTube and set it to public.  Add a relevant title and description to your video, and add the following statement to the end of your video description:

This is 2016 submission for the Social Scholarship from http://gofishdigital.com/

Once the video is live, share it on social media channels and work to get as many of your friends to share and watch it as well.  If you are adventurous, perhaps pitch the video to reporters or write a post on medium.com about it (like Andrew Watts did) to see if you can get more views on the video.

Selection Criteria

  1. Submissions are due April 21, 2016.
  2. A selection team will score submissions and choose a winner based on 3 equally-weighted categories:  Quality of answer to the main question, amount of new fresh and insightful information added, and quality of promotion/sharing of the video and view count
  3. The highest scored video will be determined and announced on April 30, 2016.  We will also contact the winner at this time.
  4. We will email you to confirm mailing address, and send you a check, or Visa gift card in the mail for $1000.

To Be Eligible

  1. You must be a graduating senior in high school or a freshmen, sophomore, or junior in college.
  2. You must be graduating high school or in college and between the ages of 16 and 22.
  3. We reserve the right to verify the date of your high school graduation and/or college enrollment.
  4. Any and all videos may be used in future Go Fish Digital marketing.

How to Enter

Complete this form, in full:

  • Any short notes or information you'd like to include