7 Leading Ladies of Social Media Offer Tips for 2017

by Posted @ Dec 13 2016


Social media has long been a fast-evolving field — and 2016 was no exception! This year, some BIG things happened. We lost Vine, Microsoft battled Salesforce to acquire LinkedIn for $26B, Instagram use continued to skyrocket, and Snapchat introduced their first hardware, Spectacles, for a totally immersive social experience.

At Go Fish Digital, we strive to stay on the bleeding edge of digital trends. While a few social platforms, like Facebook, have dealt with some flak from the media recently, users are still deeply engaged with these channels and brands need to embrace them to get in front of customers. The stats are impressive.

For instance, some studies show that teens spend as many as 9 hours per day consuming media — much of that focus devoted to mobile apps and social platforms. A New York Times article reported that the average mobile user spends about 50 minutes per day browsing Facebook. With such a captive audience, it’s clear that businesses have a lot to gain from an effective social strategy.

From what we’ve seen, 2017 is going to be just as socially-fueled as the last 12 months, so we turned to some of the industry’s leading ladies to get their insights for the year ahead. Read on for their top tips.

1. Meagan Cignoli


As algorithms change and audiences become deluged with massive quantities of social content in 2017, brands hoping to cut through the noise should focus on quality over quantity and content that entertains rather than sells.

2. Kendall Bird


Social media users are craving better experiences – more immersive experiences. We see this with Facebook Live, 360 images and video, Snapchat, Instagram Stories and real-time posting. As we move into 2017, users will continue to demand to live vicariously through social media content. How will you make genuine real-time experiences that make your followers feel as though they are there?

3. Michelle Held


Incorporate video into your social media strategy. Brands can do so much more when they get creative with videos that connect with their social media followers. Engage your audience with product demos, retail locations, news, or videos of the back office.

4. Tracy Memoli


Be authentic. Now more than ever, it’s important for a brand, company or individual to have their own authentic voice and tone on social media. Not only does this help increase engagement, but it will set your content and your posts apart from the hundreds of millions of active users on social media today.

5. Kate Paine


LinkedIn’s publishing platform is one of their most robust features. If you post every other week, (and repurposing your blog is okay; no Google slap) you’ll build your thought leadership more quickly. Readers engage with your article with more likes, shares, and comments than you may even receive on your website blog. People want to know more about you and what you know, and go beyond just your job title.

6. Lori Cheek


Embrace humor. Many brands underestimate the power behind laughter on Social Media. It helps establish a personal connection and who doesn’t like to laugh?

7. Mindy the Lion


Stop leaning on ROI to evaluate opportunities on social media. ROI is an old school measurement that cannot be used to reflect all that social media is and does for those who truly understand it’s power. Social media is the ultimate expression of what your company or brand stands for – a trustworthy space where you hold the power to create and dictate your own reputation. How do you put a price on that? The ROI in social media is everything you’re worth and some change.

Hopefully you’re able to glean some tangible tips from the advice above and use it in your social approach for the coming year. These recommendations are coming from those who are actively working within the space every day so they really have a sense of where the opportunities lie for businesses of all sizes.

Take their advice to heart and good luck with your social strategy in 2017!

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