Go Fish Digital

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Custom Web Development

From developing a social site for an active political party to building a tool that uses Twitter’s API to perform deep analysis of user behavior, we have strong experience in developing web apps of all sizes.  If your project needs heavy-duty coding, we’ve got the chops to get it done.

Social Media

We know our way around all of the big (and many of the small) social media development platforms and can efficiently build your quality product.  From Facebook apps to LinkedIn log in integration (and everything in between), we’ve got you covered.  We have the experience to build on top of a social media site and to integrate social web sites.

Starting from Scratch

Sometimes a project needs a completely custom foundation.  We can build from the ground up.  From defining server architecture to custom content management system development, we can handle the entirety of large-scale custom development projects.

Information dashboard built on top of a custom web application