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Search Engine Optimization for Exhibit Edge


Exhibit Edge is a trade show exhibit company founded in 1992 by Bev Gray. Based in Northern Virginia, Exhibit Edge’s growing customer base includes federal and corporate clients with national client bases.


To continue attracting the top customers, Exhibit Edge approached Go Fish Digital to improve their search engine ranking for highly competitive industry keywords and phrases.

Our Approach

Go Fish Digital first met with Bev Gray and her team to discuss current revenue streams, top customers, and areas of future growth. It was agreed that in addition to a search engine optimization effort, a new fresh website design and architecture was needed.

Go Fish Digital performed an in-depth 30 page Pulse Report. This document outlined current sources of online traffic, current search engine rankings, locations and strengths of all inbound links, website architecture and conversion rates. We also analyzed how often industry keywords were searched for in Google, competitors’ search engine rankings for those keywords, and the competition’s SEO strengths and weaknesses.

After this in-depth analysis, Go Fish Digital designed a professional, fresh website for Exhibit Edge and identified the keywords for maximum ROI. The key phrase “Trade Show Exhibit” was the most competitive key phrase in the industry, as it resulted in the highest quantity and quality of online traffic or potential customers.

After optimizing the website, Go Fish Digital worked quickly to generate high quality backlinks from respected industry websites and blogs. We added a blog to Exhibit Edge’s website, which we also author on their behalf.  The blog allows for consistently valuable content to be published which naturally brings in new links.  We also created a custom Facebook and Twitter page to increase social media interaction.


Go Fish Digital increased Exhibit Edge’s search engine rank for “Trade Show Exhibit” from past 40th to #1 for all searches conducted in their target market region. In addition, it is in the top 5 for “Trade Show Exhibit,” “Trade Show Exhibits,” “Trade Show Display,” and “Trade Show Displays.”  This year,  Exhibit Edge has had record sales and landed its largest client to date.