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Online Reputation Management for Moxie Pest Control


A pest control company, with franchises across the United States, signed Go Fish Digital to manage its online reputation.  While this company enjoyed hundreds of positive reviews on sites including Google Places and Yelp, it was the unlucky victim of a competitor who published fraudulent content across the Internet.


Four pieces of negative content appeared on the first page of Google search results for the name of the company.

Our Approach and Results

During our initial briefing with the company, we learned that they had successfully won court cases against the unscrupulous competitor, including court orders to have content removed from several sites.   Unfortunately, the sites were hosted outside the United States and the site owners did not honor the judge’s orders.  Moxie leadership unfortunately lost the court documents that included this information and had failed on previous attempts to have the content removed.

We worked quickly with our legal experts to find and identify original copies of the court orders.  We then collaborated with our contacts at Google and successfully removed the content in days.

Go Fish Digital also improved the SEO ranking of Moxie’s web properties, helped the company build out client-friendly social media profiles, built a microsite, and developed and distributed several pieces of content (for example, on Scribd, Flickr, and Slideshare).  These efforts were successful, and we were able to take control of the top 20 search results for the brand name.  This ensured that fraudulent claims against the company did not again appear in the top results for its brand and business.